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Friday, March 24, 2017


Once in a while, a ring comes along that completely takes your breath away. That's what happened when I first saw custom-designed PARAIBA TOURMALINE and DIAMOND RING shown below:

And will not find another paraiba tourmaline diamond ring like this anywhere. It is one of a kind.

That brilliantly vivid 6.84ct cushion-cut "copper & manganese bearing" Paraiba tourmaline, measuring 15.30 x 7.87 x 7.65mm is GIA CERTIFIED. That exquisite and rare stone has NO visible inclusions; there is no haziness or cloudiness such as you get in average paraibas. But then, this PARAIBA TOURMALINE DIAMOND RING wasn't made for the average woman. It was custom-designed for a woman with impeccable taste who truly knows her gemstones and diamonds and only wanted the best she could get in her ring. That's what she got. 

She also wouldn't accept anything less than spectacular diamonds to surround her beloved paraiba. Those 4 large diamonds you can see total 1.26cts and grade no less than VVS to VS clarity and I-J color. The other 16 smaller diamonds total 0.86ct and are also of excellent VS-SI clarity and H-I color. All mounted in 18k, the dazzle is spell-binding!

In 2011, the appraisal on this #paraiba #tourmaline #diamond ring was $23,650 USD. What would it be today?! In these uncertain times when gold and stocks are fluctuating non-stop, the beauty of rare gemstones and diamonds is their stability. Some will see this rare ring as an investment. But those who adore magnificent one-of-a-kind rings with hard-to-find gemstones like a green paraiba tourmaline will slip over immediately to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY to see more photos, learn more and make it their own before someone else does.