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Thursday, December 3, 2015


If you haven't visited DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY in several months, you won't realize how few items are now left in our shop. That's because we've been "liquidating" bit by bit for over 6 months.

But we still have some absolutely superb pieces of antique, vintage and estate rings, necklaces and bracelets and if you're quick, you can purchase a selection of these at marvellous savings over the original prices, provided you purchase between today and December 13, 2015. That's when our LAST CHANCE SALE ends, so that we still have time to ship your purchases to you in time for Christmas.

So, here's your LAST CHANCE to buy this authentic and very rare CARTIER wedding/engagement ring set at less than 1/4 of its appraised value:

This beautiful set is "Accompanied by the original GIA grading report dated from 1974 for "Cartier, Inc., New York" and offers you 2.61 carats of incredibly brilliant diamonds in a unique design, just as you'd expect from Cartier! Right now, it can be yours, if you purchase it by December 13 for only $5250. Imagine popping the question at Christmas or New Year's eve with this Cartier set!

So what else are we offering at almost ridiculous prices? Well how about this very affordable, unique color-changing sapphire ring for only $695? 

The photo on the left shows the color of that sapphire in incandescent light. But if you click on THIS LINK, you can see how that color changes in different light settings. And while you're over there, place your order by December 13, 2015 and save 50% on the original asking price. Best of all, we can get it to you by Christmas. Oh, our last shipping date is December 15, 2015. Hurry!

Looking for something, a necklace perhaps, for that person who loves ANTIQUE jewelry? We have one that will appeal to those interested in the ART NOUVEAU period and it's in amazing condition. 

This ART NOUVEAU "Grapevine" necklace is indescribably beautiful with its cluster of baroque seed pearls and finely etched 14k gold leaves.The leaves have a delightful reddish tinge to the 14k. The necklace fits, festoon-like around the neck. What a conversation piece. 

While we've already reduced the price by $600, to offer it to you for only $1198 during our LAST CHANCE SALE, since we are looking to liquidate our stock (due to other interests) we are still receptive to reasonable offers on this rare necklace. 

Why not slip over to THIS LINK now, look at the rest of our pictures and make us an offer we can't refuse. We're waiting...

Is that all there is? No way! We have other designer signed rings, e.g. Kurt Wayne, along with some very rare and collectible pieces from my personal ERTE "ART TO WEAR" jewelry, like this ERTE "SALOME" PENDANT

I adore my Erte collection and quite honestly, I never thought I'd offer it for sale. But sometimes life has a way of changing your plans. "Salome" is only one of several superb pieces I'm offering right now from our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop, but if it isn't sold by Christmas, it's going back into my heirloom safe. There are some pieces of jewelry too valuable to just give away. My Erte collectibles fit that category. 

But there's lots of other jewels to choose from. So come on over and visit us now...or at least before December 13th. And yes, layaway is still okay on the higher end pieces. Just talk to us!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Yes! You read it right!

Divine Finds Jewelry at Ruby Lane is going into #LIQUIDATION, and from September 5th to September 13th is offering its gorgeous collection at prices never before seen.

Oh, we know: we've held liquidation sales before. And that's because we were serious about liquidating then and even more so now. Things change in people's lives and we've had some huge changes in our family occur over 2014/15. But now, it's more imperative than ever that we unload what we have left in stock so we can move onto other interests.

Now, if you haven't been over to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY in a while, then odds are you haven't seen 60% of the beautiful new rings and things added in the past 6 months. And even some of those are now being offered at Liquidation prices.  So what do we have?

How's this incredible certified CARTIER vintage diamond wedding/engagement ring set ?

Ladies, this is exquisite! It features  2.61 carats of GIA certified diamonds, and the buyer gets that original certification, along with the recent appraisal we had done on this magnificent set. In case you're curious, the set is appraised at over $21,000. And what is our liquidation price? Only $5500! It's the most wished for item in our shop. So scurry on over and check it out now before it's gone. 

So what else is being offered at LIQUIDATION prices? Well our second most popular ring, this knockout 2.30ct FANCY YELLOW DIAMOND Engagement ring below can be yours when you place your order by September 13th, for only $4150. It comes with an appraisal of over $17,000!

Are you thinking "well that's great but both of those are way over my budget. Got anything less expensive? We sure do. Like I said, we're liquidating. So this SPINEL/TANZANITE cocktail ring below is going for the ridiculously low price of ... ready for it? $198! Yes, that's all. Take a look now. 

And there's more. Tons more. In fact, another 36 of our 48 items are being offered at LIQUIDATION prices, including all our ERTE "Art to Wear" jewelry like our "La Mer" Amethyst Earrings and Ring, and one of my most prized and beloved ERTE pieces, this RARE ERTE NUMBER BRACELET:

When I'm selling off my valuable ERTE collection, you know DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY's LIQUIDATION SALE is for real. Parting with my Erte breaks my heart. My partner feels likewise about her rings. But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

What you gotta do now is take a few minutes this week to slip over to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE and see if we have something you'd love to have at a price we're never offered before. And yes, before you ask, if the item is over $750, you can still put it on layaway for 3 months, just in time to get it for Christmas. Thanks in advance for stopping by and giving us a try.