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Friday, September 12, 2014


Oh, I've been slack! Summer does that to you. Plus, I've been busy finishing the writing of my second book, "Learning to Love Myself" officially being launched October 15, 2014. (Download a sample HERE).And then I got the thrill of a lifetime when I was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2014 Readers Favorite Book Awards for my first book, "No Tears for my Father"! Can you blame me for not having my mind on jewelry? 

My apologies, but those events are the key reasons I'm seriously into liquidation of all my inventory in our Divine Finds Jewelry Shop at Ruby Lane. Our CLEARANCE SALE has been going on for a couple of weeks now, with items marked down as much as 50%, with several below cost. We really need to move these items as we're possibly going to shut the doors on the shop altogether after Christmas. So this is a fantastic chance for you to save big on our gorgeous and valuable diamond and gemstone vintage jewelry. Think Christmas!

The glorious, signed BIRKS multi-diamond ring shown on the left offers close to .50 carats of VS diamonds of F - G color. Its original price was $1250, but during the CLEARANCE SALE, this size 7 ring can be yours for only $625. And by the way, it's fashioned from and stamped 18k BIRKS!

We have another authentic 18k BIRKS ring with 5 diamonds on CLEARANCE as well. You can buy this one for even less: $550!
Click the links above to go over and see both rings right now. You can't go wrong securing authentic Birks rings at these very low prices!

Or what about a truly spectacular  DIAMOND  and RUBY  Dinner or Cocktail  Ring for the upcoming festive season?  Words cannot express just how beautiful that ring  you can see on the right really is.  Nor can  photos , as good as they are, capture the impact it will have when you see it with your own eyes. This ring is a real beauty and comes with an appraisal of nearly $6000! There's 2.98 carats of rubies so clear you'll think they can't be real ... but they are! And there's also 1.05 carats of brilliant diamonds, all set in 14k white gold. This is a high quality ring and at 50% off its original asking price, you'll pay only $1399! And yes, we'll accept layaway as long as the layaway is paid off by Christmas so we can ship it to you in time for the big day. What are you waiting for? Go over and check it out now!

Now for those of you with a few more dollars to spend, we have considerable savings on several of our very high end rings as well, like this absolutely riveting natural YELLOW diamond ring below:

With an appraisal over $17,000, and a CLEARANCE SALE price of just over $5,000, this is an incredible buy and a wonderful investment. That center stone, graded a natural FANCY YELLOW, is a 1.29 carat diamond of VS1 clarity. Wowsa! Then there's another 116 diamonds totalling 2.30 carats set around it in a superb mount. The diamonds continue down the sides of the 18k white and yellow gold band. There's only one of these rings in our shop and 13 shoppers have already added it to their wish lists. At a saving of $1800 over our original asking price, if you can afford it, this is the one to buy. Just look at how it will look on your finger. Take a LOOK at the rest of the photos NOW!

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, just about every item in our shop is ON SALE, including antique and vintage necklaces, pendants, bracelets and all those rings you love so much. Savings range from 25% to 50% off and except for the items at 50% off, you can still MAKE AN OFFER. We can't promise to accept it, but you just never know. We really do want, and need to sell off our inventory at this time. We're going to lose on some of these items, but our buyers will win big-time!

VISIT US TODAY. As much as we're into liquidation/clearance, we may end or postpone the sale, without notice, at any time. And the closer we get to Christmas shopping, the lesser the discounts we will give. So the time to buy is NOW! Come see us: DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE.  And thanks for taking time out or your busy schedule to drop by our shop!


shyamanta das said...

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Ricky Marten said...

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