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Friday, June 13, 2014


Spring has sprung in North America and we're celebrating the nicer weather with a new idea: 


Here's how it works: 

Every day, we're going to put one or two items in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop ON SALE at a very SPECIAL, very LOW PRICE! And believe me, the price will be low ... about as low as we can afford to go as we are seriously wanting to liquidate our stock due to other interests. 

But our subscribers and visitors will have to be on the ball, meaning you'll need to slip over to our shop daily to check out what each day's SPECIAL is. 

There's no use waiting for my blog post, as by the time you get it, it might already be the next day and the special will have ended! That said, I will try to put out a post a day but I can't guarantee I'll have time to do that. I do have a life beyond jewelry! So that puts the onus back on you if you've been wanting one of our gorgeous gemstone or diamond rings or necklaces forever and just felt you couldn't afford we were asking. Well maybe now you can! But you'll need to check the shop daily and look for "TODAY'S SPECIAL" in the heading of each ad. 

So let's get you started with the two items we have on TODAY'S SPECIAL now, June 13th! 

The first one is the big, blingy emerald and diamond ring shown in the photo top left. This beauty was appraised a few months back for over $6000. Today, June 13th, you can buy it for $1000 less than its original asking price!  Yes, this beauty can be yours today for only $1998 and we're including the shipping FREE in Canada and the USA. Now who says Friday the 13th is unlucky! This fabulous cocktail ring offers you 1.5 carats of diamonds, and the appraisal will accompany your purchase. CHECK IT OUT NOW!

And what else do we have on SPECIAL TODAY? We have this glorious and valuable Gatsby style Diamond and Pearl Necklace shown below:

What a magnificent piece of vintage jewelry this is. Audrey Hepburn would have worn this in a heartbeat. Michele Obama too! Well you don't have to be wealthy or famous to add this to your collection of beautiful vintage jewelry. You just need good taste, and if you need it, we're happy to let you put this one, or the ring above, on layaway for 4-6 months even. We can't make it easier for you to own this than that!

We've knocked $1598 off the original price of this DIAMOND PEARL NECKLACE and it can be yours, like the ring, for less than 1/3 of its appraised price IF YOU BUY IT TODAY, JUNE 13th!

Okay, enough of that. You know what to do! Don't want either of these? That's fine, but tomorrow, maybe the item you've been dreaming of will be offered as a TODAY'S SPECIAL. So be sure to check DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY daily in case tomorrow or the next day or the next day is YOUR SPECIAL DAY!

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