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Monday, December 9, 2013


I don't visit eBay much these days but when you buy and sell designer signed jewelry, it's important to stay on top on what is being sold and for how much.  Since I've become such a fan of Erte's "Art to Wear" Jewelry, I tuned in this morning to a live auction being held by LESLIE HINDMAN AUCTIONEERS as they had quite a lot of Erte pieces going, like the absolutely incredible "Mystere" Necklace by Erte shown below:

It actually sold for a reasonable dollar ... before the 25% buyer's premium, shipping and import taxes, all items I have to consider when I'm purchasing either to collect or to sell.  But watching this auction got me curious as all the pieces received high bids. What, I wondered, is Erte selling for on eBay? After all, when we want to find a bargain, isn't that where buyers go? 

So I slipped over to eBay Canada, typed ERTE into the search box in the vintage jewelry category, and up came this link:

Wowza! Take a look at the prices eBay sellers are asking for Erte! Believe me, the person who bid on and won that "Mystere" above got a bargain, even with 25% commission etc etc. I should have bid. I wonder how long before we see that very piece on eBay and probably for 2-3 times what the winner paid! No question about it: when it comes to collectible designer signed jewelry, prices aren't going down in a hurry. In fact, they're going up. Have you seen what sellers are asking for Cartier on eBay? Check out this glorious 16ct diamond bracelet:

And here's what a search on Van Cleef & Arpels yielded: 

This jewelry just makes me drool with desire!!

So now, I look at all the lovely items we were offering at discounts of 20% -50% during our Cyber Week Sale and wonder why didn't more visitors who added so many of these items to their wish lists buy them when the sale was on? I guess they were all too busy running around in the real world doing their Christmas shopping. Well the bad news for anyone who stops into DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY now is that December 16th is about the last date we can ship so buyers get their purchases before Christmas! And our sale has ended. 

BUT, here's the good news: 

1) Ruby Lane is holding another RED TAG SALE on Saturday, December 14th. It's only an 8-hour sale this time but you'll still save 50% on the items we're including in the sale. 

2) Starting right now, we're accepting reasonable offers on ALL items in our shop. Please understand that we cannot sell our items below cost. That's what we mean by "reasonable". 

So, what have you got to lose? Take a few minutes to peruse our shop. We have ERTE, Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, genuine alexandrite, unheated ruby and sapphire rings ... you name it. The selection of beautiful vintage, antique and estate jewelry is fantastic and compared to eBay, a lot more affordable! 

By the way, here's the latest and most desired ERTE addition to our shop:

This is the highly collectible Erte NUMBERS bracelet.  There was one on Ebay about a month ago that sold for more than we're asking and it wasn't even a CFA (Circle of Fine Arts) piece! Go take a look at all the photos of this rare bracelet. The artwork in each of the 9 numbers is exquisite! And remember, right now, you can make an offer on this piece and all others in our shop, like this 18k white gold 1.91ct Diamond engagement ring with its "E" colour center stone!

What bride-to-be wouldn't mind finding that under the Christmas tree!