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Monday, June 10, 2013


What makes vintage jewelry addicts so excited about locating and collecting old, estate and antique pieces of jewelry? 

After all,  someone may have worn them for years; some pieces have been repaired or had stones or pearls replaced; some may have some verdigris on them and some have been  kept in boxes, locked away and never worn ... those are the ones we really like to find!  

Well, do you really have to ask what the attraction is? Just walk your local mall jewelry shops and you'll see why we love vintage, antique and estate: you won't find the same piece, same style in shop after shop. Instead, you can browse the online shops located at "malls" like Ruby Lane, Malleries, 1stDibs, GoAntiques and it's rare to find the same item in any two shops. That's what makes vintage jewelry shopping such a great experience. It's a thrill to discover something no-one else has on their necks, on their fingers or on their wrists when the ladies get together at the club or the next dinner party. 

Like, just look at that incredibly beautiful Victorian pendant above! How unique is that! The pendant is 14k (we acid tested it to be sure) and it's big: it measures 2 1/2" long by 1 1/4" wide. And what a lovely piece of craftsmanship: ornately designed but still graceful with the addition of its 21 cultured pearls. Oh, nearly forgot to mention: this piece is actually a pin but it also had a built-in bale for a chain. It didn't come with a chain, so we purchased a really lovely vintage 9k chain, 18" long, to complement it. Slip over to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP to read up on this one and if you like it, don't let it get away from you. There's only one of these!

14k Ruby Diamond Hand Ring is one of a kind!

Or how about this absolutely divine find on the right that we located a couple of months back. It's a ring ... and what a unique one! Made of 14k with delightful detailing, we have a hand offering you a ruby of a ring and around the hand's wrist is a tiny diamond bracelet. Just perfect for that person who loves jewelry and has so much you don't know what to buy them: odds are they don't have a ring quite like this one! Over 9 people have added it to their wish lists in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP and no wonder: not only is it a wonderful piece of vintage jewelry but it's priced so very reasonably at only $350. CLICK HERE or click the link below the photos on the right  to learn more about this vintage treasure.

14k multi-gem & diamond ring will brighten up the dullest day!

14k multi-gemstone & diamond earrings to match the ring above!

And then there's these super pretty and colourful discoveries above: a multi-coloured gemstone ring in 14k and a matching pair of earrings. We've listed them separately in our shop, but they were made to be worn together, don't you agree?  Both fashioned out of 14k, both the ring and the earrings offer blue topaz, citrine, garnet, amethyst and peridot genuine gemstones, shaped like hearts and just bound to win the heart of all who see you wearing them. Incredibly lovely and so perfect for summer, reminding us that this is the season of growth, colour, and gardens full of flowers. Learn more about each of these items by clicking on the links below their pictures. We're happy to work a combination price with shipping for you on them if you'd like them as a set. They'd also make a fabulous gift for the graduate, or a birthday ... or really, any occasion that calls for a gift with chosen with love in your heart. 

Isn't it time you swung by DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE and took a look at all the other stunning vintage, antique and estate items we've added in the past few months? One thing is certain: you won't find the same thing in the next shop, and the next shop, and the next shop...