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Sunday, October 27, 2013


It's become harder and harder for me these days to keep up with this jewelry blog. My apologies to my followers for my long absence. The publication of my book (totally unrelated to jewelry!) has kept me hopping with promotion, sales, book signings and book talks, and with my partner away more than she's around,  keeping up with listings, enquiries and jewelry blogs has proved a daunting task for an old girl like me!

But it's time for me to share with you some of the latest and greatest diamond and gemstone pieces we've uncovered in the last while, beginning with that superb ALEXANDRITE and DIAMOND RING shown on the left. Wow!

If you know anything about ALEXANDRITE, you know how hard it is to find a natural, unheated, genuine alexandrite gemstone. And you'll also know that to find one that is not only the real thing but large, is even harder!

But that's what we've found here! It's a 3.32ct natural alexandrite measuring 9.80 X 7.80 X 5.40mm ... a big stone! And you know why alexandrites are so sought after right? They change colour ... naturally ... in different lighting situations. Just look at the colour changes we've been able to capture below:

It's that ability that makes a ring like this so valuable that it appraised at over $12,500! Oh well, we mustn't forget that it also comes with 0.86cts of exquisite diamonds in a spectacular mount that happens to be stamped HB ... Hammerman Brothers perhaps?

This is only one of several fantastic rings we've added to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY collection in the last while. There's some fabulous ruby/diamond rings, a colour changing sapphire pendant, and many more wonderful pieces to dazzle those of you who love beautiful diamond and gemstone jewelry. With Christmas less than 2 months away and ordering time cut off by the end of November, you really only have about a month to show others what you YOU want for Christmas from Divine Finds Jewelry. Show them today!

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