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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


14k gold diamond and gemstone Parrakeet pendant at Divine Finds 

I don't know about you but I love my jewelry to be different ... something you just don't see every day. That's why I fell in love with vintage and antique jewelry so long ago. When you want quality workmanship and originality of  design, it's so rewarding to locate an old piece that is a one off ... something you don't find on every shelf in every shop, mass produced and cheap in more ways than just the price.

And yes, it's true: if you want good vintage jewelry, especially fine jewelry with diamonds and gemstones, you're not going likely to be able to buy it for what you would pay for costume jewelry. But then, you don't expect to get a diamond for rhinestone prices do you? That's like saying you want a Mercedes for the price of Pontiac!

So, anyway, in recent months I've really been looking hard for vintage pendants and necklaces that are unique, charming and delightfully different. And I've found some I think are just awesome.

Take that superb 14k "lovebird" pendant above. It's actually a pair of parrakeets but they seem so engrossed in each other I decided they must be in love ... and I'm in love with this pendant! Just look at the diamonds and emeralds in the parrakeets' backs! Then there's their big ruby eyes and their tails lined with rich blue princess cut sapphires. How different is this for a necklace? You can see more photos and learn more about this piece HERE.

Continuing on with our feathered friends, let me tell you about this incredible diamond double swan pendant below:

18k double swans diamond emerald pendant from Divine Finds at Ruby Lane

Now I just love this one too: graceful, elegant, utterly out of this world when it comes to being different, it's made from rich 18k yellow gold and sparkles brilliantly with all those diamonds of Si1 clarity and G - H colour ... bright! Then, adding to its value are those two superb emerald cabochons totalling 4 carats of emeralds. Talk about quality workmanship and stunningly unique vintage design. I'm sure you'd like to know more about this one so just click the photo or HERE to learn more now. 

14k gold topaz diamond vintage necklace from Divine Finds
For those of you who are not into bird jewelry in your necklaces and pendants, we have a couple of really lovely vintage pendant necklaces for you to consider, like this 14k topaz and diamond necklace on the left. The blue of that 5.5ct topaz is one of the best and bluest I've ever seen, and  it's enhanced by approximately 0.80cts of very glittery diamonds. Even my husband couldn't help saying how much he liked this piece when he was taking photos for me ... and he doesn't get carried away by just any jewelry. So again, if you want to know more about this more traditional vintage necklace, just click  on the photo or HERE

And finally, we come to my personal favourtite in gemstones: Aquamarine. Oh my goodness the pendant below is truly something special. Such a large aquamarine ... 13cts! If you didn't know, the larger an aquamarine stone, the more valuable. And this stone is flawless! Amazing colour and not a chip anywhere. On top of that, there are 1.56 cts of Si! - 2 diamonds of G colour set all around it in a 2-tone 14k gold bezel. This is the kind of pendant that draws all eyes to your neck and gets everyone talking and wishing it was theirs. You can make it yours by visiting THIS LINK now!

Stunning 13ct aquamarine gemstone set in 1.56 cts of diamonds is out of this world and available exclusively from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE

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