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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Save $500 on this Festive ruby diamond sparkler when you order by December 31st

If your idea of Boxing Day Shopping isn't desperately searching for a parking spot at the mall and fighting your way through crowds just to buy some item that was marked up by retailers just so they could mark it down for Boxing Day, and you have some nice estate jewelry in mind for yourself or someone else, why don't you slip over to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY before December 31st, and find yourself a really great buy during our Boxing Week Sale? 

We've reduced prices as low as we can afford to go (without marking them up beforehand!) on over 50% of our beautiful estate jewelry. Look for items marked "BWS" like the gorgeous ruby diamond "festive sparkler" above on which you can save $500 off the original price when you place your order by December 31st. 

Aquamarine Diamond 14k ring reduced by $400

Or how about this stunning art deco style aquamarine and diamond beauty in 14k above? It's only $798 during our Boxing Week Sale.  Or perhaps you'd like a nice necklace instead of a ring? We have a few lovely ones to choose from, like this amazing jade and diamond estate piece in 14k shown below? It's only $598 during our Boxing Week Sale!

14k genuine jade necklace with small diamond. Only $598 during Boxing Week sale. 

And don't miss the chance to pick up this rare and utterly gorgeous frosted rock crystal and diamond bracelet shown below that's been reduced by $400! It's a fantastic buy at only $798!

There are 88 items on sale during our Boxing Week Sale, all at awesome prices for superb fine diamond and gemstone estate jewelry. While you're over there, take a look at some of our new additions too, like these incredible AMETHYST, DIAMOND & SAPPHIRE dangling Earrings below,  just added this past week. They are to die for! Want them but can't afford to pay for them in one go? Remember, we do take 3-6 month layaways on easy terms to help you acquire what you desire. Just ask! 

Amethyst, diamond and Sapphire Dangling Earrings available from Divine Finds Jewelry
Ready to go shopping and save big on magnificent estate, vintage and antique rings, necklaces, pins and bracelets? Don't miss out on our BOXING WEEK SALE. Type "BWS" into our search box at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY before December 31st and give yourself a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Monday, December 9, 2013


I don't visit eBay much these days but when you buy and sell designer signed jewelry, it's important to stay on top on what is being sold and for how much.  Since I've become such a fan of Erte's "Art to Wear" Jewelry, I tuned in this morning to a live auction being held by LESLIE HINDMAN AUCTIONEERS as they had quite a lot of Erte pieces going, like the absolutely incredible "Mystere" Necklace by Erte shown below:

It actually sold for a reasonable dollar ... before the 25% buyer's premium, shipping and import taxes, all items I have to consider when I'm purchasing either to collect or to sell.  But watching this auction got me curious as all the pieces received high bids. What, I wondered, is Erte selling for on eBay? After all, when we want to find a bargain, isn't that where buyers go? 

So I slipped over to eBay Canada, typed ERTE into the search box in the vintage jewelry category, and up came this link:

Wowza! Take a look at the prices eBay sellers are asking for Erte! Believe me, the person who bid on and won that "Mystere" above got a bargain, even with 25% commission etc etc. I should have bid. I wonder how long before we see that very piece on eBay and probably for 2-3 times what the winner paid! No question about it: when it comes to collectible designer signed jewelry, prices aren't going down in a hurry. In fact, they're going up. Have you seen what sellers are asking for Cartier on eBay? Check out this glorious 16ct diamond bracelet:

And here's what a search on Van Cleef & Arpels yielded: 

This jewelry just makes me drool with desire!!

So now, I look at all the lovely items we were offering at discounts of 20% -50% during our Cyber Week Sale and wonder why didn't more visitors who added so many of these items to their wish lists buy them when the sale was on? I guess they were all too busy running around in the real world doing their Christmas shopping. Well the bad news for anyone who stops into DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY now is that December 16th is about the last date we can ship so buyers get their purchases before Christmas! And our sale has ended. 

BUT, here's the good news: 

1) Ruby Lane is holding another RED TAG SALE on Saturday, December 14th. It's only an 8-hour sale this time but you'll still save 50% on the items we're including in the sale. 

2) Starting right now, we're accepting reasonable offers on ALL items in our shop. Please understand that we cannot sell our items below cost. That's what we mean by "reasonable". 

So, what have you got to lose? Take a few minutes to peruse our shop. We have ERTE, Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, genuine alexandrite, unheated ruby and sapphire rings ... you name it. The selection of beautiful vintage, antique and estate jewelry is fantastic and compared to eBay, a lot more affordable! 

By the way, here's the latest and most desired ERTE addition to our shop:

This is the highly collectible Erte NUMBERS bracelet.  There was one on Ebay about a month ago that sold for more than we're asking and it wasn't even a CFA (Circle of Fine Arts) piece! Go take a look at all the photos of this rare bracelet. The artwork in each of the 9 numbers is exquisite! And remember, right now, you can make an offer on this piece and all others in our shop, like this 18k white gold 1.91ct Diamond engagement ring with its "E" colour center stone!

What bride-to-be wouldn't mind finding that under the Christmas tree!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Did you miss our RED TAG SALE at Divine Finds Jewelry this past Saturday where you could have saved 50% on 17 superb fine diamond and gemstone items? Well, that's really too bad but given everyone's out looking for bargains right now with Christmas only 23 days away, we've decided to give you one last chance this year to save from 20% - 50% off over 70 items in our our shop. Folks, these prices are as low as we can, or will go. So if you don't snap up that piece you've been wanting for months now, come December 6th, you'll be paying a lot more for it. 

That glorious 13ct aquamarine and diamond pendant above can be purchased right now for 35% off the price shown on it.  And we're offering you 25% off the current price of the 18k white gold diamond sapphire bracelet below: 

These are savings too good to pass up! Since the most popular item in our shop is our rings, we're offering you this popular emerald diamond band at 30% off its current asking Price of $1798. Or maybe you'd prefer to purchase this ANTIQUE EDWARDIAN TIFFANY PEARL AND DIAMOND RING at 30% off its current price?

It's truly to die for ... but don't do that! Scurry on over to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP at RUBY LANE before December 6th and browse the entire collection. There are some new items in the shop too that aren't on sale but you might just want to add to your wish list for 2014 birthdays or anniversaries. 

Friday, November 22, 2013


Don't believe that post heading? Believe it! If that weren't true, then why would the pink star diamond below fetch a whopping $82 million in the recent Sotheby's auction?

And that was just one day after an orange diamond sold by Christies broke all previous records according to this wonderful blog I follow, JEWELS DU JOUR. If you don't follow that blog and are interested in truly gorgeous high end and designer jewelry, I recommend you subscribe. It doesn't matter if you can't afford the pieces you'll see there. Just reading up on them and looking at the photos is worth your time. 

The point I'm trying to make, of course, is that fine diamond and gemstone jewelry has always been, and still is a superb investment.  Sure, the rings, necklaces, bracelets etc that we offer from our shop at Divine Finds Jewelry won't fetch millions at auction but many of our pieces will fetch much, much  more than we're asking for them, and for you,  the wise shopper, that adds up to a smart investment. 

Take this outstanding 1.91ct diamond ring we just listed this past week shown below:

1.91ct Diamond Ring offers "E" colour diamonds. Available only at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY 
The center diamond in that ring has "E" colour! The only grading better for a diamond is a "D". And while that Sotheby's diamond above is 59 cts. and our diamond is just under one carat, for those of us who don't have $83 million to spend on a diamond, a one-carat "E" diamond is both a divine find and an excellent investment, especially when it's surrounded by another 1.01cts of E - G diamonds! What an engagement ring this would be with its appraised value over $12.5000!

Then there's this UNHEATED NATURAL RUBY DIAMOND RING that was also appraised recently at over $10,000: 

1.74ct UNHEATED, NATURAL RUBY & Diamond Ring available at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY
Have you any idea how rare it is to find unheated rubies of this size and natural colour and brilliance these days? So many current gemstones are heated, irradiated, glass-filled etc to bring out the colour and radiance that is naturally present in this AIGS certificated ruby of ours. Add to that the incredible 1.01cts diamond mount we've dubbed the "Eiffel Tower" that this ruby has been set in and you have

one truly rare and spectacular ring!

I haven't written a post for this blog in a long time and I apologize for that. We have added so many marvellous pieces to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop and if you haven't been over in a while, I hope you'll stop by and take a look, especially with Christmas just around the corner. I'll leave you with this video I recently uploaded to give you a quick look at some of our currently available divine finds and hope you'll come visit us real soon!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


It's become harder and harder for me these days to keep up with this jewelry blog. My apologies to my followers for my long absence. The publication of my book (totally unrelated to jewelry!) has kept me hopping with promotion, sales, book signings and book talks, and with my partner away more than she's around,  keeping up with listings, enquiries and jewelry blogs has proved a daunting task for an old girl like me!

But it's time for me to share with you some of the latest and greatest diamond and gemstone pieces we've uncovered in the last while, beginning with that superb ALEXANDRITE and DIAMOND RING shown on the left. Wow!

If you know anything about ALEXANDRITE, you know how hard it is to find a natural, unheated, genuine alexandrite gemstone. And you'll also know that to find one that is not only the real thing but large, is even harder!

But that's what we've found here! It's a 3.32ct natural alexandrite measuring 9.80 X 7.80 X 5.40mm ... a big stone! And you know why alexandrites are so sought after right? They change colour ... naturally ... in different lighting situations. Just look at the colour changes we've been able to capture below:

It's that ability that makes a ring like this so valuable that it appraised at over $12,500! Oh well, we mustn't forget that it also comes with 0.86cts of exquisite diamonds in a spectacular mount that happens to be stamped HB ... Hammerman Brothers perhaps?

This is only one of several fantastic rings we've added to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY collection in the last while. There's some fabulous ruby/diamond rings, a colour changing sapphire pendant, and many more wonderful pieces to dazzle those of you who love beautiful diamond and gemstone jewelry. With Christmas less than 2 months away and ordering time cut off by the end of November, you really only have about a month to show others what you YOU want for Christmas from Divine Finds Jewelry. Show them today!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hey everyone!

Can't believe I haven't posted in 3 months. I do apologize. But I do have a good excuse too: I've been busy writing a book for the past 10 months and I finished it around June. Editing and looking for a printer and all that stuff was uppermost in my mind and while we were still busy buying and listing jewelry, blogging about jewelry took a back seat. But the book is out now and receiving excellent reviews. It's a very sensitive and important subject ... child sexual abuse ... but as it's not jewelry-related, that's all I'll say about it now, except that if you want to know more, CLICK HERE

So, what's new at Divine Finds Jewelry? Well a few months ago, I discovered, and fell totally in love with jewelry by ERTE. Never heard of ERTE? Here's a post I wrote about ERTE for Ruby Lane. 

Briefly, Erte, an artist, sculptor and painter,  is considered by many to be "the father of Art Deco" and late in his life, he okayed the production of jewelry based on his serigraphs. This most unusual and magnificent jewelry was produced, at that time,  only by The Circle of Fine Arts (CFA) gallery, and today, has become highly collectible and dare I say it, expensive! It is sought after by collectors worldwide, and only when one actually looks at, and holds a piece of  jewelry signed Erte, can one see why: quality, intricacy, design, uniqueness ... that is Erte's "Art to Wear" jewelry.

That blog link I provided above tells you how I stumbled over my first piece of Erte. Since then, I've been on a mad hunt for it. I've collected some gorgeous pieces and you can see all of my collection in THIS IMAGE EVENT GALLERY.  One of my favourites are these diamond and ruby dangling 

earrings on the left. They are called "Fantasy" and reflect Erte's deep love of nature and fascination with birds' wings. There are 50 diamonds in these earrings, totalling about 0.40cts along with 33 round faceted deep red rubies, all set in 14k. When Erte's jewelry was being made, he was exceptionally fussy, not just about construction quality but also the quality of all gemstones and diamonds used in his jewelry. Those who hunted down the gemstones often had to travel to the far reaches of the earth to find quality good enough to be set in Erte's "Art to Wear". 

I haven't yet listed all our Erte pieces in our Divine Finds Jewelry shop at Ruby Lane but I will be doing so over the coming weeks.  A visit to the Image Event Gallery I posted above will give you a preview of what to expect. Erte collectors will be pleased with both the selection and the prices. 

Speaking of collecting Erte, if I may offer a warning to anyone planning to buy some of this designer's pieces: be wary of what you find. I did a search on eBay and there's lots and lots of "Erte" there. But is what's there the original, authentic Erte of collectible value? What I found was  a great deal of "new" Erte. These items look almost identical to the original pieces but they are made from silver and usually have rhinestones or swarovski crystals where Erte had genuine topaz, amethyst, citrine or rubies. They're very lovely, but they're not valuable, collectible Erte "Art to Wear" jewelry...and the instant giveaway will be the price! If it's cheap ie. easily affordable, it's not original Erte. 

So what do you look for? Look at the asking price. Then read the description carefully. It should say the piece is stamped with Erte's script signature, even if it's worn thin. It should have ©CFA for Circle of Fine Arts on the back or side. It should have either 14k or SS for Sterling Silver or both i.e. 14k/SS as Erte was fond of using both precious metals in his jewelry. And if you're really lucky, you might find a piece in its original box ... even more valuable. We have a few of those. And now and then, you'll come across a piece with a certificate of authenticity from CFA. That's a bonus. And one more thing: Erte pieces were released in limited editions. So you will come across pieces marked e.g.  67/200. That piece was #67 of only 200 ever made. We have one piece, a large pin known as "The Plume":

(shown above) that is 1/50 ie.. #1 of only 50 released in that edition. This one is not yet in our shop but will be there within the next few weeks. The amethyst, sapphire and diamond stones in this pin are out of this world, just like so much of Erte's jewellery.

Well that's enough for tonight. I hope you've enjoyed meeting ERTE if you're not familiar with this marvellous artist of the Art Deco period. If you search his name on the net, lots of information comes up. Some sites will show you his fantastic illustrations which graced the pages of Harpers Bazaar for years and garnered ERTE such a devoted following. I love his work and his jewelry. I hope you will like it too. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter (see SUBSCRIBE at the top of our shop page) so you're the first to know when new items are added to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY line and when we're having our next sale. Cheers!

Monday, June 10, 2013


What makes vintage jewelry addicts so excited about locating and collecting old, estate and antique pieces of jewelry? 

After all,  someone may have worn them for years; some pieces have been repaired or had stones or pearls replaced; some may have some verdigris on them and some have been  kept in boxes, locked away and never worn ... those are the ones we really like to find!  

Well, do you really have to ask what the attraction is? Just walk your local mall jewelry shops and you'll see why we love vintage, antique and estate: you won't find the same piece, same style in shop after shop. Instead, you can browse the online shops located at "malls" like Ruby Lane, Malleries, 1stDibs, GoAntiques and it's rare to find the same item in any two shops. That's what makes vintage jewelry shopping such a great experience. It's a thrill to discover something no-one else has on their necks, on their fingers or on their wrists when the ladies get together at the club or the next dinner party. 

Like, just look at that incredibly beautiful Victorian pendant above! How unique is that! The pendant is 14k (we acid tested it to be sure) and it's big: it measures 2 1/2" long by 1 1/4" wide. And what a lovely piece of craftsmanship: ornately designed but still graceful with the addition of its 21 cultured pearls. Oh, nearly forgot to mention: this piece is actually a pin but it also had a built-in bale for a chain. It didn't come with a chain, so we purchased a really lovely vintage 9k chain, 18" long, to complement it. Slip over to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP to read up on this one and if you like it, don't let it get away from you. There's only one of these!

14k Ruby Diamond Hand Ring is one of a kind!

Or how about this absolutely divine find on the right that we located a couple of months back. It's a ring ... and what a unique one! Made of 14k with delightful detailing, we have a hand offering you a ruby of a ring and around the hand's wrist is a tiny diamond bracelet. Just perfect for that person who loves jewelry and has so much you don't know what to buy them: odds are they don't have a ring quite like this one! Over 9 people have added it to their wish lists in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP and no wonder: not only is it a wonderful piece of vintage jewelry but it's priced so very reasonably at only $350. CLICK HERE or click the link below the photos on the right  to learn more about this vintage treasure.

14k multi-gem & diamond ring will brighten up the dullest day!

14k multi-gemstone & diamond earrings to match the ring above!

And then there's these super pretty and colourful discoveries above: a multi-coloured gemstone ring in 14k and a matching pair of earrings. We've listed them separately in our shop, but they were made to be worn together, don't you agree?  Both fashioned out of 14k, both the ring and the earrings offer blue topaz, citrine, garnet, amethyst and peridot genuine gemstones, shaped like hearts and just bound to win the heart of all who see you wearing them. Incredibly lovely and so perfect for summer, reminding us that this is the season of growth, colour, and gardens full of flowers. Learn more about each of these items by clicking on the links below their pictures. We're happy to work a combination price with shipping for you on them if you'd like them as a set. They'd also make a fabulous gift for the graduate, or a birthday ... or really, any occasion that calls for a gift with chosen with love in your heart. 

Isn't it time you swung by DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE and took a look at all the other stunning vintage, antique and estate items we've added in the past few months? One thing is certain: you won't find the same thing in the next shop, and the next shop, and the next shop... 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


14k gold diamond and gemstone Parrakeet pendant at Divine Finds 

I don't know about you but I love my jewelry to be different ... something you just don't see every day. That's why I fell in love with vintage and antique jewelry so long ago. When you want quality workmanship and originality of  design, it's so rewarding to locate an old piece that is a one off ... something you don't find on every shelf in every shop, mass produced and cheap in more ways than just the price.

And yes, it's true: if you want good vintage jewelry, especially fine jewelry with diamonds and gemstones, you're not going likely to be able to buy it for what you would pay for costume jewelry. But then, you don't expect to get a diamond for rhinestone prices do you? That's like saying you want a Mercedes for the price of Pontiac!

So, anyway, in recent months I've really been looking hard for vintage pendants and necklaces that are unique, charming and delightfully different. And I've found some I think are just awesome.

Take that superb 14k "lovebird" pendant above. It's actually a pair of parrakeets but they seem so engrossed in each other I decided they must be in love ... and I'm in love with this pendant! Just look at the diamonds and emeralds in the parrakeets' backs! Then there's their big ruby eyes and their tails lined with rich blue princess cut sapphires. How different is this for a necklace? You can see more photos and learn more about this piece HERE.

Continuing on with our feathered friends, let me tell you about this incredible diamond double swan pendant below:

18k double swans diamond emerald pendant from Divine Finds at Ruby Lane

Now I just love this one too: graceful, elegant, utterly out of this world when it comes to being different, it's made from rich 18k yellow gold and sparkles brilliantly with all those diamonds of Si1 clarity and G - H colour ... bright! Then, adding to its value are those two superb emerald cabochons totalling 4 carats of emeralds. Talk about quality workmanship and stunningly unique vintage design. I'm sure you'd like to know more about this one so just click the photo or HERE to learn more now. 

14k gold topaz diamond vintage necklace from Divine Finds
For those of you who are not into bird jewelry in your necklaces and pendants, we have a couple of really lovely vintage pendant necklaces for you to consider, like this 14k topaz and diamond necklace on the left. The blue of that 5.5ct topaz is one of the best and bluest I've ever seen, and  it's enhanced by approximately 0.80cts of very glittery diamonds. Even my husband couldn't help saying how much he liked this piece when he was taking photos for me ... and he doesn't get carried away by just any jewelry. So again, if you want to know more about this more traditional vintage necklace, just click  on the photo or HERE

And finally, we come to my personal favourtite in gemstones: Aquamarine. Oh my goodness the pendant below is truly something special. Such a large aquamarine ... 13cts! If you didn't know, the larger an aquamarine stone, the more valuable. And this stone is flawless! Amazing colour and not a chip anywhere. On top of that, there are 1.56 cts of Si! - 2 diamonds of G colour set all around it in a 2-tone 14k gold bezel. This is the kind of pendant that draws all eyes to your neck and gets everyone talking and wishing it was theirs. You can make it yours by visiting THIS LINK now!

Stunning 13ct aquamarine gemstone set in 1.56 cts of diamonds is out of this world and available exclusively from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE

Friday, March 22, 2013


If you haven't visited DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY lately, then you've not seen some of the incredibly gorgeous estate rings, necklaces, pins and bracelets that we've located for you, like the magnificent 18k Sapphire & Rose-cut Diamond Ring above.  This one had us gasping for air when we first saw it at an estate auction. Everything about it screamed "must have this one!" 

This beautifully designed ring features a 1.87ct. prong-set oval sapphire of an incredibly bright and very clear blue. That carat size is stamped inside the 18k white gold band ie. "S187". The actual measurements of the sapphire are 8.00 x 6.00 x 4.30 mm.

And then there's those 8 magnificent rose-cut, triangular-shaped diamonds, approximately 3mm x 3mm x 1.4mm (estimate). These are of Si1 - Si2 clarity and G - H colour ie. brilliant, sparkling diamonds, totaling an estimated 0.64cts. On top of that, there's still another 0.40 cts of diamonds in the 18k gold ring, bringing the total diamond weight to over a carat. Talk about glitter!

You know, some time back we ran a survey on this blog and you told us that what you come looking for the most in our Divine Finds Jewelry shop is sapphire rings! Well, why don't you slip over and take a closer look at that one which just happens to also be included in our current SPRING FEVER SALE? You can save $500 on this ring if you place your order by March 28! Just click on the photo or link above.

Since rings, especially ART DECO and sapphire seem to be what you like, if the one above is beyond your budget, perhaps you'll like this Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Ring below:

This sweetheart of a ring is set in 9k, and offers a combination of round and baguette cut sapphires of a lovely blue colour. The figure 8 setting is unique and eye-catching. There's nowhere near the diamond carat weight offered in the other ring, but then, the price is also very affordable, especially right now. During our SPRING FEVER SALE, this delightful ring will cost you only $995. Eleven shoppers already have their eye on this ring, so scurry on over HERE to see more photos and learn more about it.

Getting away from rings for a moment and onto designer pieces, if you're into TIFFANY, we have some new additions that are worthy of a look if you're a collector, like this BIRD PIN:

This is one time I'm not sure our photos have worked. Somehow they don't show how really awesome this rare TIFFANY BIRD PIN is.  Fashioned from 18k (of's Tiffany after all) he measures 1 1/8" tall by 1 1/8" wide and weighs 10 grams. He has a ruby eye and superb detailing all over his little body. Just a marvel to examine the workmanship. This piece comes from the estate of a Virginia Whitely Thornton of York, Pennsylvania.  We've taken $200 off the price of this collectible too in our SPRING FEVER SALE. 

And continuing on with TIFFANY, here's a RARE and very beautiful TIFFANY OPAL RING we've recently added. 18 buyers have already added this one to their wish lists:

I'm not even going to tell you much about this one as I'm running short of time. But if you click on the link or the photo, you can read everything about it that you need to know. Just don't miss out on it if you collect Tiffany. It's ON SALE too!

There's more TIFFANY divine finds in our shop, including a TIFFANY DIAMOND EMERALD BAND RING and a unique 18K WHITE GOLD TIFFANY CRYSTAL  PENDANT.   Both are on sale during the SPRING FEVER SALE which ends March 28th. 

Time's running out. What are you waiting for? Go take a look NOW!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Spring has officially arrived in North America and despite the snow still on the ground, we're all starting to think green! With that in mind, at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at Ruby Lane, we decided to hold a short ... 9 days only ... SPRING FEVER SALE as we head into Easter. At the point you read this blog post, there'll be less than a week left in our sale, so if you want to pick up something really special for yourself or a loved one at considerable savings, this is the time to scoot over to our shop as all the prices revert to their originals come Good Friday. 

We've taken anywhere from $100 to over $1000 off some items. That exquisite ANTIQUE PERIDOT and SEED PEARL necklace shown above is the most wished for neck adornment in our shop and right now, you can buy it for $300 off its original price. Believe me, this is one for the antique collectors and it's in superb condition. 

On the other hand, thinking spring and green, maybe you'd prefer a ring? Well just take a look at this outstanding and unique PERIDOT and DIAMOND Ring below. This ring is truly 

to die for! Absolutely out of this world, it offers you a huge 4ct. oval peridot of a marvellous spring green, surrounded by a whopping 1.76cts of diamonds of VS2 - Si1 clarity and F colour. Those are brilliant diamonds. And it's all set in 14k. This glorious ring is on sale too during our SPRING FEVER SALE. Make sure you check it out. 

And hey, if you think all we have on sale are green items, no way. After all, spring makes us think of colours: reds, pinks, yellows ... and lots of jewelry with those coloured gemstones are also available at huge savings until MARCH 28th. If you haven't been over to our shop in a while, you most likely haven't seen many of the gorgeous new items that have been added in the past few months, like these amazing ART DECO DIAMOND RUBY EARRINGS below, 

appraised back in 1991 by Birks Jewelry of Canada for over $10,000!  There's 2.65 cts of old European cut diamonds here, set in 18k and platinum, along with over 40 of the reddest rubies you'll ever see. These are just exquisite, and they are on sale too at a reduction of $1000 yet! But only until March 28th!

Well there's lots more to see at DIVINE FINDS SPRING FEVER SALE ... in fact, about 50% of our gorgeous items can be had at reduced prices ... way too many to post here in this blog. You'll just have to drop over and visit us, but make sure you do so before March 28th. See you soon!