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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Buy this 1.96ct diamond dinner ring HERE
Does my title have you thinking it's too soon to think Christmas! Well not really, not if you're shopping online and have to allow for shipping times, postal cutoff dates and all that sort of thing. And it's not too early if the item you most want to buy is a little out of your budget just now but you could swing it on layaway. And it's definitely not too early if the item you have had your eye on is one that 15 others also have been watching or have added to their wish list. You see, now's the time those folks are coming back for a second and third look. Those ladies are bringing over their husbands or boyfriends and showing them what their hearts really desire. And when hubby suddenly wakes up that Christmas shopping starts in earnest as soon as the American Thanksgiving is over, and he panics because he doesn't know what to buy you, well doesn't it make sense to show him what you want, what you really, really want NOW? 

So in this post, we're going to share with you some of the items that are on the "most wanted" list in our DIVINE FINDS shop at Ruby Lane. Now the item above, that knockout 1.96cts diamond cocktail ring was just added today. So you might be amongst the first to see it. But we've suggested it would look fantastic in combination with this vintage 14k Diamond Bracelet Watch (working) shown below ... and 10 of our visitors have already added it to their wish lists or shopping carts: 

Buy this vintage 14k diamond bracelet watch HERE

You know, I wish I had a dollar for each time a customer has emailed to ask us whether this or that item is still available, but it's long gone. Or for each of the customers who bemoaned missing out on something we just listed that sold before they had time to think about it. It happens time and again. When it comes to beautiful jewelry, you never know who's looking at the item you want at exactly the same time as you are. It's always a case of "first in, best dressed". We know you hesitate because you might feel it's out of your budget just this moment. Well, that's why we offer layaway. Putting in your order with a small deposit locks it up for YOU. No-one else can come in and buy it when the item shows "sale pending". But you don't have to pay for it right away. We don't work like eBay does. You can take weeks, even a few months to pay it off. But the point is, if you like it, she who hesitates might lose it!

So, in case you haven't visited DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY lately, let me present you with a few of our other recent additions: 

Buy this 18k diamond & kunzite ring HERE

How about this incredibly beautiful 18k white gold diamond and KUNZITE ring above? We only listed it 3 days ago and already 3 shoppers have added it to their wish carts as I like to call them. Or if you like a really deep rich blue sapphire ring, (our survey said you like sapphires best!) then what about this beauty with its 3.48ct NATURAL CEYLON SAPPHIRE below. Insanely gorgeous!

Buy this 3.48ct Natural Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring HERE
On the other hand, maybe you'd just like a pretty vintage pin for your dress or coat? Well here's a really lovely 14k amethyst pin with rich purple stones that might just be in your budget:

Buy this 14k vintage amethyst pin HERE

Well there's lots more I could show you but I'm running short of time. Why don't you just CLICK HERE NOW and slip over to our DIVINE FINDS SHOP and have a poke around. We've added a lot of new items over the past month. I've just been too busy to blog about them here. But I really do suggest that if you always want to be on top of new additions to our shop, as soon as they arrive, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER! You'll find the link to do that on the left hand menu of our home page at Divine Finds Jewelry. Within one or two days of a new item being added, Ruby Lane sends out a lovely html newsletter complete with pictures to our mailing list. So subscribe today and be amongst the first to see and buy those new items.