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Thursday, August 30, 2012


We asked .. and you told us! What you shop for most in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop is summed up in the photo above: RINGS, SAPPHIRE GEMSTONES and ART DECO period pieces!

Well I must say, I'm not really surprised, given that our own stats show us that we sell more rings than all other jewelry items combined. You want rings more than bracelets, earrings, pins and necklaces. And when it comes to gemstones, no wonder our sapphire rings sell faster than rubies, emeralds and all the rest. As for your favourite era when it comes to jewelry, you love Art Deco/Art Nouveau more than Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian. 

Well guess what, Art Deco is our favourite too. But here's where we ran into an incongruence, that may, in retrospect, only be due to the fact that many shoppers don't realize that at least, for another 15-20 years, Art Deco won't be "antique". What on earth do I mean? Well at Ruby Lane, an item MUST be over 100 years old to be considered antique. So what's the problem? When we asked you what items you want to see more of in our shop, you said "Antique!" That would mean more Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian. Sigh ... 

Now above, is a genuine ANTIQUE sapphire and diamond ring. It dates to the Edwardian era and is date-marked "Birmingham 1903". That ring, ladies, is antique and about 20 years ahead of Art Deco. 

Actually, it's puzzled us that no-one has yet purchased that ring. It's appraised over $4000, has the ever-popular daisy style setting for the stones, and an impressive emerald and diamond carat weight of top quality. The price is incredibly low for a marvellous antique ring like this. 

Speaking of PRICES, that's another very interesting finding in our survey, though again, not really surprising: when we asked what's the one thing you would do if you could change our shop, most of you chose "lower the prices!" Well of course. Who doesn't want to get the best or most for the least. We get that. But then, we were struck with another incongruence. In the same set of choices regarding changing our shop, we gave you this option: "offer more antique items of jewelry". Now, you're wondering, what's incongruous about that? Well, exactly the same number of respondents who said they'd lower the prices also said they wanted more antique items of jewelry ie. these two were tied! But there's a problem in that for us: you see, buying antiques of any kind, jewelry included, is expensive. We don't have bottomless pockets. We're just a little home-based online mother/daughter business for whom buying and selling pretty jewelry is really just a hobby because, like you, we love beautiful jewelry and get a lot of pleasure out of finding our customers something they adore. So, when it comes to buying real antique jewelry, what we love or you might love,  we can rarely afford. We don't have inexpensive sources for our jewels. We don't live in a wealthy area that holds tons of estate sales where you can buy a box of great items for several thousand dollars and sell them for double what we paid. In fact, when Ruby Lane hosts a Red Tag sale, as they did recently, and tells us we must offer customers 50% off, we were lost. We don't mark up our items that high! To sell at 50% off meant selling below our cost in most cases. So we had very little we could include in that sale. 

So there you go. We'd love to lower the prices as you'd like us to, and every so often, we hold sales because we know you love them. We can guarantee  you that when we  put something "on sale" or "reduced price", it has indeed been reduced to just about as low as we can comfortably go. So, when we do put "make an offer" on an item (and apparently you'd like more of that too) please bear in mind that if we've already reduced the price, we can't take an offer that's another 30 - 50% off the reduced price. Just as a rule of thumb, when we invite you to make an offer, we have pre-set our lowest accepted price. It will be between 10% - 15% off the last shown price. So there's no point in offering us any less than that. 

Well that just about wraps it up except for two things: the SECOND item you shop for most ... and this did surprise us is EARRINGS. Well given I never leave home without my earrings, why am I surprised? And the other thing I wanted to mention is that your SECOND favourite gemstone is ... RUBY! I notice we're a bit low of those right now so thank you for helping us decide what we need to add. 

In the meantime, let me leave you with a simply luscious pair of diamond emerald dangling earrings to dream about wearing,  

and one of the most stunning RUBY rings I've seen in a long time. Thanks for your help everyone and come see us soon. New items being added weekly.