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Saturday, August 18, 2012


We hope you're enjoying what's left of summer (if you're in North America) and spending some time with your children. With only 2 weeks left before they head back to school, I guess many of you are not spending much time indoors checking out jewelry sites, though I must admit we've had a surprising amount of traffic to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop over the past month. That's great, and we're looking forward to seeing even more of you stopping by come September and as we move into the pre-Christmas sales period.

You know ladies, September is the time for you to start seriously thinking about what you want your hubby or honey to buy you for Christmas. The reason I say that is if it's something pricey, give him some time to put it on layaway if needed. What's even more important is the fact that, well, you know how men are: they wait till the last minute to find you that special something and panic sets in over those last few days before Christmas. But the bad part about that is that what you wanted may be long gone. And furthermore, it's near impossible to get an item to him in time to put under the tree if he waits even until mid-December to buy it. After all, shipping bogs right down and Postal services have cut-off dates.

So what I'm saying is if we have something in our shop that you really really want, tell him NOW. Show him the pictures and tell him we'll do layaway if he needs it but insist he doesn't wait till the last minute to order it. It may be long gone or he won't get it in time. Neither option is what you want.

So, speaking of options, we have a SURVEY we really want and need you to take. You remain anonymous. All we need is some answers to help us when we're buying jewelry for you. We'll share the survey results with you down the way when we've gathered enough info. We do ask you do this survey ASAP as we want to compile results by early September at the latest. And best of all, it'll only take 5 minutes of your time .. but you'll be helping us enormously. It's multiple choice. Nothing to it!

To do the survey, you can do one of three things:

1) just click this SURVEY LINK

2) If your browser allows pop-ups or you don't have them blocked, use the POP-UP WINDOW method by clicking this link:

3) Without leaving this page, the survey is shown below. Just select your choice (s) and click CONTINUE on bottom right. On some browsers, that continue box is just showing a tiny bit, but it still works. Just click it with your mouse to go to next page. It will turn over.

Whichever choice you make, we thank you for your assistance. Your assistance helps us improve our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 Okay, I give up! Once a jewelry addict, always a jewelry addict. Here I was, dead set on buying no more jewelry: I was done with it. I have other things to do with my life. I was going to rid myself of my addiction once and for all! Sounds like a typical addict, doesn't it. And I did well. I went for months without a "hit" so to speak. I'd look at jewelry online, at shows, at live auctions and somehow find the strength to resist the urge to buy. It also helped that I had a ton of bills at the time so buying up luxury jewelry wasn't really an option. I even went so far as to start liquidating (as those of you who follow this blog know) my existing stock. I unloaded a ton of it, mostly at cost and some below cost ... that really hurt! But at least I cleared most of the bills. 

I got busy with my life-long goal, writing and have made excellent headway with both my book, a new blog for survivors of sexual abuse and a Facebook group page on the same topic. (Yes, I have varied interests and a less than lovely past ... but that's not for this blog) But, since my partner at Divine Finds Jewelry was still very much involved with collecting beautiful jewelry, some of her finds mesmerized me. It was like being offered a cigarette or alcohol after years of restraint and self-control. She began feeding my addiction again with her glorious rings, like this just added platinum sapphire diamond wedding ring set below

or this incredibly beautiful and RARE Georgian Rose-cut Diamond pendant below:

and this collectible and very affordable sterling silver hallmarked BIRKS EARRING & PIN SET

By the time I stumbled across the incredibly rare seed pearl necklace dating to 1870 shown below (and already sold within the first 48 hours of listing!) I was done in and back on the buying circuit.

I'm just crazy for seed-pearl jewelry: the craftsmanship, the intricacy is so amazing. I can only imagine how many hours it would take to piece a 22" necklace like that together. And most of what I come across has either already been repaired or needs repair. At my age, and with my eyesight, repair is out of the question for me. So when I located that utterly glorious divine find of a seed pearl necklace in perfect condition and over 140 years old, how could I resist? If you want to read up on that one, better follow the link quickly as it will only be shown in our shop for a month since it's already sold and on its way to a very happy new buyer. 

It wasn't long before I was on the hunt again, feeding my addiction, looking for diamond, gemstone, antique and estate jewelry. I was rewarded with this magnificent find, now available in our shop:

That exquisite piece above is an 18k gold diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby bangle weighing a hefty 22 grams. Between its large genuine gemstone cabochons and high end diamonds are more emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Did I say exquisite? I'd never seen one like this. Go take a look. Awesome!

And if you like emeralds and diamonds, and want dangling earrings, this set below is going to blow you away as it did me. Now I know our photos are good, but I have to tell you what we see with our naked eye when we look at this set is never going to be captured by a camera lens. Those diamonds glitter like mad and the emeralds are fantastic! And you can wear these DIAMOND EMERALD EARRINGS in two ways: you can detach the dangle from the top section and just wear the smaller section on your ear .. nice if it's a less formal occasion. Or you can slip hoops through the dangle loops and wear them that way. But if you want to make a real splash, wear them as one full earring and wow! All eyes are on you!

Well that's just a few of the new estate additions to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE. We will be adding more as we move into September and prepare for the busy Christmas shopping season. My advice, of course, is always the same: if you like it, don't sit and dream about or wait too long to decide: when an item is rare or unique as so many of ours are, they get snapped up quickly. Everyone wants something others don't have. Don't let the price hold you back: we do offer layaway and try to make it as easy as possible for you to get that Divine Find you're dreaming of owning. Just ask!