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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Okay folks, our Semi-liquidation VIPS Sale ... semi only because only one of us, me, is liquidating is in full swing and wise customers have been cashing in on the great buys. If you haven't been over to the sale site yet, head over now before what you want is gone, gone, gone!

My partner is forging on but she's added some terrific buys to that sale too. But today, I just have to tell you about her latest addition to our DIVINE FINDS SHOP at RUBY LANE. This ring is truly to die for!!

RARE Antique Edwardian Platinum TIFFANY & Co. Pearl Diamond Ring

Any ordinary pearl diamond ring pales in comparison to this RARE and highly collectible ring! From her ad, she tells us that

This clearly marked Edwardian-period Tiffany & Co. pearl & diamond ring, stamped '100% IRID, 90% PLAT', which factually dates it pre-1926, holds 3 STUNNING button pearls of a glowing whitish-silver hue, along with 34 dazzling diamonds!   

... Of the 34 diamonds, 33 of them are early Old European cut in shape... they're not all round as most Old Euros are, but they're not as rectangular as Old Mines... they transition between the two.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you the desirability of owning any signed designer ring, like a Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels etc. Designer signed rings in great condition don't just retain their value. They increase in value! In fact, when I asked my daughter whether she'd prefer to get one of my Van Cleef & Arpels rings or the equivalent in money when I finally say goodbye to this world, she said she'd take the ring any day! Why? Money has a way of being spent but a designer ring just keeps gaining in value. Wise girl that one.

The inquiries regarding that ring, just listed last night, have already started coming in. Of course. It's the "early bird that catches the worm" or as is more appropriate here, "first in, best dressed". Well no doubt about that last adage: whoever jumps in and buys this magnificent TIFFANY ring will certainly be one of the best dressed and most envied ladies around. Will that be you?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Platinum Ruby & Diamond Engagement Ring Set Appraised over $13,500
Original Price: $5099; VIPS PRICE: 2995

As hinted in my last blog post, I was planning a VIP Sale. Well that sale has started, but it's really a LIQUIDATION SALE as I am hoping to retire from selling jewelry and focus on other things important to me at this point in my life.

In that last blog post, I sent several items to auction at eBay, and just as expected, I lost a ton of money at those auctions. I remain convinced that eBay is a buyer's heaven and a seller's hell LOL! But I'm not complaining. What's done is done.

So now, let me share some of the genuinely fabulous buys you can make in my LIQUIDATION SALE, which you can access right now by clicking that link.

14k gold genuine emerald and diamond necklace, appraised over  $4550, 
Original Price: $2150. VIPS PRICE: $950
Who do you know who has a MAY birthday? Or how about MOTHER'S DAY coming up? Emerald jewelry is just perfect for May!

18k bypass Emerald & Diamond Ring, appraised over $6500 five years ago
Original Price: $2100; VIPS PRICE: $1399

40gram 14k vintage bracelet. Original Price: $2795; VIPS PRICE: $1795

Here's a Victorian Seed Pearl Pendant Necklace that so many who visit our shop add to their wish lists. Well now's the time to pick it up at the lowest price ever offered. I cannot go lower than this!

Folks, these are tremendous buys at these prices. We've never offered our items at prices so low. Some are at cost, some even below cost. I'll continue to highlight some other pieces in next few blog posts but in the meantime, I hope you'll just head over to the VIPS LIQUIDATION SALE and find something special for yourself at a fantastic price ... before someone else buys what you've been wanting before you! 

Instructions for ordering are on the top of the Sale page. Please follow them and do tell us you are coming in from our VIPS SALE. That's important so we can show the sale price on the invoice we send you. Now, go find yourself something wonderful ... and do share this with your friends and colleagues who buy and sell vintage jewelry. Thanks for looking.