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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Forgive me for the long hiatus in this blog. It was unplanned. Just toward the end of January I managed to break the radial bone in my left wrist and it knocked the get up and go blog right out of me. But I'm back and the first order of the day is to inform you that after waffling for months, I have made the decision to get out of selling jewelry online.

To that end, I am keen to unload my existing stock and am beginning my "liquidation" by doing what I hate to do: sending items to auction on eBay. This week, I have listed some designer signed and unsigned costume jewelry, including my 2 lovely SCHIAPARELLI sets shown below:

Signed Schiaparelli set at auction on ebay. Bidding opens at $99

Signed Schiaparelli set at auction on eBay. Bidding opens at $49

Now I know I'm going to lose a bundle on each of these ... if they sell at all ... but  you reach a point when enough is enough and it just doesn't matter anymore. That's where I'm at. So my loss is your gain. The auction for the glorious magenta/purple and pink signed SCHIAPARELLI set on top begins at a low $99. The auction for the stunning blue teal set below it starts at a ridiculous $49. Just imagine: you could end up buying one or both of these for that starting bid! Someone is going to snag a real bargain here. Click the links below each photo to  go directly to the eBay auction for that item.

While you're over there, check out my OTHER AUCTIONS, like this superb angel skin coral and 14k gold bead set shown below. I can't believe someone hasn't snapped this up from our DIVINE FINDS SHOP at RUBY LANE before now. But, if you like it, why not bid on it now. I've started this auction at $49!

5-strand angel skin coral & 14k gold beads at  auction  on eBay . Bidding  starts at $49!
Other items at auction include a fantastic glass bead and angel skin coral necklace that is 51" long and can also be worn as a scarf or belt ... totally unique and super rare. Bidding on that one starts at only $49 too. Or if there's a wedding being planned for this summer and budget is a big consideration (isn't it always!) then take a gander at winning this lovely 3-piece bridal set below:

Elegant Bridal Parure at auction on eBay. Win it for only $29!

It's just gorgeous and with bidding starting at only $29, how can you lose? You don't even have to be a bride to wear and enjoy this one!

I've included some gold items in these auctions as well. You'll find a delightful, high quality solitaire vintage 14k engagement ring, a pair of 18k gold cameo earrings, and the fabulous 18k gold dangling earring and ring set, basket-weave style, with a total weight of 23 grams of 18k shown below:

There's 23 grams of 18k in this basket-weave set of dangling earrings and ring   being offered at just above scrap price as a BUY IT NOW on eBay

This superb designer hallmarked set, is reminiscent of Tiffany styling, and is truly being offered at an amazing price, just slightly above scrap value. It's listed as a BUY IT NOW on eBay for $995. That's $600 less than we were asking in our  Ruby Lane shop, and believe me, I'm not making a dime on this one! But when you decide to liquidate, that's what happens. Consider this a taste of what's to come in the big VERY IMPORTANT PERSONS SALE we have scheduled before the end of this month. It will be held on a private URL, so stay tuned. You'll see prices on our gorgeous items that you've never seen before. But in the meantime, why not slip over to my eBay auctions now and snag yourself some fabulous bargains. Auctions end April 15th and those items not sold will be put back in the VIP Sale, but not at a price as low as being offered to you now. 

14k gold enamelled bracelet weighing over 9grams can be purchased as a BUY IT NOW
 on eBay until April 15th for only $349!

Happy bidding and winning!