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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Collectors weekly, high-end buyers, eBay & NEW ADDITIONS!

It's been quite a while since I last visited COLLECTORS WEEKLY.   That is such an interesting site.  I wrote it up over a year ago in this blog so I'm not about to do it again, but all you need to do is click on that link and explore.  Its fascinating!

Why I bring it up now  is that while I was there I clicked on their jewelry and watches category.  Doing so also brings up  a half-page full of eBay auctions  that you can browse through under " highest bid"  or " most watched"  or " completed".

I decided to check out “completed”  as I was curious to see what was selling on eBay in fine jewelry and for how much.  Boy! Did I get a shock!  Here I am thinking that no one is buying high-end jewelry i.e. prices in the thousands rather than the hundreds,  only to find that some eBay buyers are indeed spending a fortune.   Take this one for instance: the seller ascribes a value of $185,000 to this killer old East Indian natural pearl,  Ruby and emerald necklace and earring set. The winning bid was $8350!   No wonder I'm puzzled why our beautiful, vintage natural freshwater pearl, diamond, ruby and Emerald 18k necklace, appraised at nearly $8000 and priced, during our FEBRUARY FEVER SALE  at less than $2400 hasn't yet sold.  Perhaps the buyers I need are on eBay LOL!

Save  25% on the original price of this superb vintage, freshwater cultured Pearl, diamond,  Emerald and Ruby necklace in 18k during our February fever sale
But one thing looking at all these did confirm for me is that no way are prices in  our Divine finds jewelry shop too high. I bring that up because a few weeks back a buyer wrote to me saying she liked a particular antique ring I had. It was very reasonably priced at less than $600.  She pointed out that several people were watching this ring but no one had bought it yet.  Therefore she concluded, my price must be too high, and she proceeded to give me an offer less than my cost! Well I don't mind telling you that that hurt.  Too many buyers wrongly conclude that we sellers are jacking up our prices 200-400% or more and they couldn't be more mistaken.  Yes a lot of retail outlets do just that ... but we don't. Sometimes our profit is pathetic or even non-existent!  And unlike some of the really big sellers on eBay, (who are the ones getting the really high-end sales because they have such a huge following each week) we aren't in the enviable position they are of being able to secure large volumes of jewelry at estate sales for prices we can't dream of.   No, we too pay a lot for each and every piece shown in our shop, meaning, we don't have really as much room to move as some buyers think.

Well that's it for my rant which is also intended to draw your attention for the last time to our February Fever Sale.  We extended the sale to February 15 in case you haven't had time to get over there yet.  I want you to realize that the 10% to 50% discounts we are offering on more than half of our shop's items are really terrific buys and about as low as we can go on these items.  So many people have gone  into our site, browsed around, added items to their wish lists and still not purchased at these low prices.  I really don't get it.  If you're adding an item to your wish list at this reduced price in the hopes the price will go even lower, it's not going to happen.  We can't do it, pure and simple.  So if you want to save 10% to 50% on one of our items currently shown as "FF",  the time to buy it is now.  The sale will end at midnight February 15th., and all prices will revert to the original price.

By the way if you haven't been over to our shop in the past week you may have missed seeing  the incredible ART DECO ruby and diamond ring just added to our shop.   Click on the photo below to find out all about it NOW!

Spectacular Art Deco Platinum 1.20ct Ruby Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

  available from Divine finds jewelry at Ruby Lane