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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Boy, can you ever tell it's summer where we are. Day after day of heat and sunshine. Not complaining mind you. After all, this is the kind of weather we pay big bucks for to fly south in winter just for one week. Heaven knows, this will be gone soon enough. So I'm getting out and enjoying what I can, and I hope you are too.

But, that said, we still have jewelry to sell and with some lovely new items already arriving for the fall and Christmas shopping period, we've decided to launch a small MID-SUMMER SALE. You can see what's on offer ONLY at THIS LINK. There's not a lot, only about 30 pieces, but the reductions are HUGE! For instance, that ever so desirable Cartier Double C 18k ring shown on the left above is on sale for only $995. Now let me tell you something: A Cartier Double C Ring like that is being offered on eBay for the same price, BUT ... it has NO diamonds! Now tell me this isn't a great buy! I'm telling you, our SALE PRICES are hotter than the weather right now.

On the right, is another fabulously lovely ring. It features a rare pink tourmaline surrounded by diamonds, all set in 14k yellow gold. We've really slashed the price on this one: you can buy it for only $395! Now honestly, you will not find a better buy on a stunning gemstone and diamond ring than this  one. And there are others listed in that price range too, like our antique amethyst ring set in 14k rose gold or, for only $100 more,  our ruby and diamond ballerina ring.  You just can't go wrong with buys like these! But you sure can go wrong by not checking them out ... and soon!

You'll find antique necklaces, vintage bracelets, a stunning diamond and sapphire brooch set, more Cartier, a Tiffany and some Van Cleef & Arpels ... all at prices never before offered. This is truly a terrific MID-SUMMER SALE.

When you decide to buy, please read the instructions at the top of the page carefully. You must indicate when you place your order that you have come over to our RUBY LANE or RUBY PLAZA SHOPS from the ImageEvent site by including a note that indicates MSS. That way, we will invoice you at the sale price.

Hurry up! Get off that lawn chair and go shopping now!

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