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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Attending that high end Dupuis Auction a few weeks back has unglued my intentions to retire. So annoying really. Seeing such beautiful pieces got me poking around online again ie.. checking out eBay, Ruby Lane, GoAntiques, Tias, Collector's Weekly ... and I've got the worst case of wanting to buy all over again. GRRR! So much beautiful "old" jewelry ... and so superior to the newer items I find everywhere else. Oh yes, the newer items sparkle and glitter ... but unless they cost a fortune, they fall apart very quickly. Yuk! Sure, the vintage and antique items often come with a bit of repair or a replaced stone here and there, but sigh ... so lovely and so unique!

I put together the video above to share with you some of the wonderful estate, vintage and antique items currently available in our shops at RUBY LANE and RUBY PLAZA. Hope you have time to enjoy it. In the meantime, my partner has added some utterly ravishing pieces to our RUBY LANE SHOP that blow me away. Just look at this magnificent ART DECO 12.8ct diamond, ruby and sapphire "bow-tie" pin below:

Art Deco Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire Pin available from Divine Finds Jewelry at Ruby Lane
If this isn't one of the most exquisite, most unique pins you've ever seen, then we'll keep it and offer it up at the next Dupuis Auction! We watched a similar pin, but nowhere as gem and diamond loaded as this one go for several thousands. This one will go for double that, especially considering we just had it appraised and it came in a tad under $18,000. And bear in mind, our appraiser doesn't particularly allow for the age or period of a piece. His appraisals are based on diamond, gem and gold and metal content. At an auction like Dupuis', the buyers buy not only for content but for age ... and that greatly appreciates the price they are willing to pay. Now, just imagine topping off your outfit, even a business suit, with THIS bow tie! You'd be the talk of the boardroom!

Another new addition to our ring line is the devastatingly beautiful custom-designed RUBY & DIAMOND RING below: 

Unheated, certified GIA 1.31ct Ruby Ring, flanked by 1.12 cts. of Diamonds  is now available from Divine Finds Jewelry at Ruby Lane
My partner first showed me this one as we sat outside enjoying a roof-top lunch in Toronto. The sun caught her finger and the glitter was blinding. Talk about bling ... but not cheap bling: beautiful, valuable bling. She had just picked it up from the appraiser who supplied his estimate of a replacement value of $11,550. The diamond quality is VS - VS1 - VS2 - Si1 with E - G colour. No wonder the glitter was so incredible. You can learn more about this magnificent ring at the links provided. I tell you, I've seen beautiful ruby and diamond rings, but with its fabulous design and high quality stones, this one takes the prize. 

Well that's it for now but I have to tell you this is all giving me a really hard time. I did break down at the Dupuis auction and invest in a couple of awesome pieces, currently being appraised. I most likely won't list them until September as I give myself the summer off and try to resist the urge to buy any more jewelry. Anyone else suffering withdrawal like I am right now?

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