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Saturday, April 28, 2012


But because MOTHER'S DAY is coming up very soon, we're going to leave our SEMI-LIQUIDATION SALE items up for one more week, 'cause there are such good buys that any mother would love you to give her on her special day, like 
that gorgeous, rather rare collectible Double C diamond 18k ring by CARTIER (shown above). 

I found that same ring on eBay last week for over $1500. I found another priced above $2000. And ours? Only $995! That's a crazy price for this ring but you can only buy it for that price if you purchase before Sunday, May 6, 2012. That's when our Semi-Liquidation Sale ends once and for all.  What happens after that? Several items will be relisted at the original asking price. Others will simply be taken out of the shop to be sold elsewhere. 

Speaking of designer fine jewelry like Cartier, have you taken a look at the prices of Cartier and Van Cleef &Arpels on eBay lately? I can't believe what vendors there are asking. Do a search on those names. See for yourself. If that doesn't prove to you that we truly are just about giving our designer-signed items, nothing will. I mean, just look at this 18k Van Cleef and Arpels Diamond Ring shown below: 

This is a truly stunning ring and those 17 diamonds totalling 0.41cts are blinding with their quality. Well, after all, that's what you'd expect from a Van Cleef & Arpels, right? And we're offering you the chance to buy VCA for only $1295 when you purchase by May 6th. That's nearly ridiculous! There are 2 more VCA rings available in our shop. Both are drastically reduced too. See: 


What I don't get is why 11 buyers have put the triple diamond ring in their carts or on their wish lists but not yet purchased it! The price won't go any lower and after May 6th, these items will disappear from our RUBY LANE shop altogether. The time to buy is NOW!

Of course, if you're shopping for mom, you might want something a little less expensive, and we certainly have some lovely rings at a lower price, especially during this SEMI-LIQUIDATION SALE. How about this one below? 

That beautiful deep red ruby and diamond ballerina ring is only $500 during our Semi-Liquidation Sale. It can easily be re-sized if needed. Currently, it's a 5.5. Gosh, the rubies and diamonds alone are worth more than we're asking! 

On the other hand, for only $395 you could thrill mom with this knockout diamond and rose tourmaline 14k Cocktail or Dinner Ring

These are fantastic prices for such high quality and beautiful vintage fine jewelry. Would she prefer a diamond pin? How about this one: 

That magnificent DIAMOND HEART PIN contains 1.75cts of high-end diamonds. If not for Mother's Day, now about an ANNIVERSARY GIFT? We do take layaway on items over $500. You just have to ask!

Well I could keep on chatting and posting pictures but really, it's best if you just slip over to our IMAGE EVENT SITE that shows all the items currently being offered ON SALE and see for yourself what beautiful items we have for mom, grandma, or any lady who loves beautiful jewelry. But do it before May 6, 2012 so you can get want you want at a substantial saving. 

We love you MOM!

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