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Monday, January 16, 2012


My partner's gone and done it again! Just look at these two latest ring additions to our DIVINE FINDS SHOP at RUBY LANE! What an eye she has for outstanding gemstone rings. And it seems that she no sooner lists them, than they get added to several wish lists or, as in the case of the unique Sapphire/Diamond  Art Deco Ring by Tiffany and Co., shown on the left, someone has already put in an order for it ... and it was listed less than 12 hours ago! I guess when it comes to rare collectibles like this one, it's the early bird who catches the worm or perhaps, more appropriately in this case,  "first in, best dressed". 

And best dressed she will be! While it may be too late for you now to buy that ring, doesn't mean I can't share some of the details with you. That superb blue sapphire is 1.56cts and surrounding it is 0.28cts of VVS - VS diamonds of F - G color. But then, you wouldn't expect less of Tiffany & Co, would you. All set in a gorgeous platinum art deco setting dating to the 1920's, this is indeed a collectible.  Smart move by the buyer getting in so quickly. She really scored!

The other ring my partner listed in the last 7 days, and already added to 4 wish lists, is the unique emerald and diamond "Shield" Ring shown on the right. This too is an art deco ring, set in 14k, and rather rare in that its diamonds are of several different cuts: there's an old-cut marquise diamond of approximately 0.25cts in the center, while below it is an older Assher cut, older in that it doesn't have the precise square cut corners. But the diamond itself is magnficent, of VS clarity and F-G color. So white and bright. Then there's all the other diamonds, about 16 of them, all excellent quality. This is a fabulous ring, and so unique! It's still available and you can learn more about it HERE

Just a reminder to our buyers here: remember, we are happy to do layaway for you if it means  you can get something you really want before someone else does. So often, buyers see a ring or other jewelry item they'd just love to have but can't afford all at once. It doesn't mean you have to wait till you have all the money you need to buy it. You can put an order in for any item in our shop over $500 and ask for layaway. Our terms are very reasonable. You can read up on our layaway policy at THIS LINK

Now, go treat yourself to something nice from our DIVINE FINDS SHOPS:


January Gemorie said...

the shield ring looks like a knights shield during war. If a guy gave that to me, its as if he was the knight protecting me. And that emerald birthstone jewelry is just so perfect cause i was born in the month of May.

wholesale jewelry said...

The classic pieces you have here are breathtaking. Vintage jewelry will never go wrong. Any jewelry designer and jewelry collector would really appreciate the cuts of these gems!

buntyross said...

wow these are pretty amazing. best designs i have seen so far. I would recommend these as engagement rings for one of my friend who is planning to propose his girl friend.