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Thursday, January 5, 2012


1.23ct diamond 18k JABEL cocktail ring available  from
DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY. Offers considered.

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I'm kicking off our 2012 blog with some discoveries I made after someone recently wrote asking me about the very popular JABEL FLORAL Wedding Ring set (shown on the right) that we sold from our shop over two years ago. We've been lucky enough to have found and sold 2 of these sets in the past, but boy, are they hard to find! The person who wrote to me asked me to keep an eye out in case I find another set like this. 

So I began searching Google's "shopping" section and sadly, couldn't find any, neither the set nor even an individual ring. But my searching for "jabel" took me most often to eBay listings. What a shock I got there! I've always thought the best place for bargain buys in jewelry is eBay. Well that may still be true, but when it comes to designer signed, it's proving, for the most part, to be as expensive, or in some cases even more expensive than non-auction jewelry selling sites. 

There's a JABEL diamond cluster engagement ring at THIS LINK which offers one carat of diamonds and comes with an appraisal of $5000. You can "buy it now" for $3500 or take a chance on winning it with bidding starting at $2500 in 6 days time. Compare that to our 1.23ct diamond cocktail ring shown top left which has an appraised value of over $7000 and for which we asking well less than half that value. We'll also consider offers. No, it's not "cheap" but point is, our price is as good a buy as the eBay item. And when you buy from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY, you know our descriptions are accurate and honest. 

At THIS LINK is a killer JABEL black opal and diamond ring being offered on eBay. This is truly a sensational ring, but so is the price. The seller is asking over  $10,000 but will consider offers. I'd love to have this ring, but alas, it's way out of my budget. A black opal diamond ring like that would come with a high price tag even if it wasn't a Jabel, but being a Jabel, it's an investment too. 

I found THIS eBay AD very interesting. It's for a man's Jabel wedding band with 12 diamonds, totalling around 1.20cts. It's a gorgeous ring that was appraised in 1982 for $2640. Obviously, it's worth more today. The seller is asking $3600 as a  "buy it now" but is beginning the auction at just under $3000. Again, I can't help but compare the value/price of this Jabel to ours above. The diamonds in this eBay ring are each about .10pts. Ours, priced similarly, has at least one diamond that is close to 3/4cts alone. But the eBay ring will have a heavier gold weight. An interesting comparison nonetheless. 

There are indeed some reasonably priced Jabels on eBay but if you're shopping for a Jabel, or any diamond or gemstone ring, especially designer signed, be a wise shopper: don't compare apples and oranges ie.. make sure if the eBay price seems low in comparison to a ring you've found on other sites that you are indeed comparing rings of the same or very similar quality. 

1) what is the total diamond carat weight in each ring?
2) is the diamond a solitaire? If so, what's it carat weight? A 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2ct diamond is nowhere as valuable as a larger stone.
3) If it's a cluster diamond ring, how big are the individual diamonds? Your total diamond carat weight might be large but if that total weight is a cluster of tiny diamonds, it's not as valuable as having a large central diamond surrounded by smaller stones e.g. in our Jabel cocktail ring above, the center stone alone is nearly 3/4cts. 
4) What is the quality of the diamonds? This is incredibly important! Most designer signed rings (Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Jabel, Jose Hess, Bulgari etc) come with superior diamonds ie. VS - Si1 or Si2 at least. If the ad doesn't state the actual clarity and colour, ask! If the seller can't answer your query, think twice before buying. That doesn't mean it's a bad buy .. but don't overpay a poor quality diamond ring. Compare, compare! 

You should never hesitate to ask questions from any vendor and a good seller will  happily supply you with the answers. If he/she doesn't know the answer, they should care enough about you, the buyer, to find out for you. 

Back to Jabel jewelry for a moment, I wish I had more Jabels to offer our buyers. This is such a popular designer renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. The same vendor who is selling that fabulous black opal diamond ring on eBay, also has a stunning oval opal diamond Jabel pendant HERE priced at just under $5000 but open to offers. 

Like I say in the title of this blog, JABEL jewelry is popular and pricey! If you find some at a great price, grab it, but be sure you comparison shop before you commit. 

DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY wishes you all a happy shopping year in 2012. Subscribe to our blog and visit our shops soon and often. 

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January Gemorie said...

I so love the second ring, the gold one with a single diamond, it looks so simple and elegant, it is so lovely, i hope someone buy me this fine jewelry someday soon.