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Thursday, January 26, 2012

February Fever Sale Divine Finds Jewelry: February 1-8, 2012

Here it is, nearly the end of January, and buyers are busily looking for that special something for Valentine's Day.  Over the last few weeks we've listed some beautiful new items in our  Divine finds shop at Ruby Lane, like this rare,  incomparable  genuine and cultured Pearl necklace shown below:

This is the real thing ladies!  This stunning antique necklace dates to somewhere between 1895 and 1905.   It offers 2 strands of GIA graded pearls, one strand being  predominantly natural pearls, the other cultured pearls.  Have you any idea how valuable natural pearls are today?   We attended a high-level estate auction about 2 years ago where a pair of natural, single-pearl earrings were estimated to bring between $4-$5000.  Instead the bidding went all the way up to $80,000, much to the shock of everyone there.  That's what genuine, natural pearls are worth to those who know and appreciate their value.  And in strand number 1 there are 93 of these predominantly natural pearls.  Add to that a clasp  of 14 -18k containing 3 old European cut diamonds, and you have a collectible masterpiece. Visit our website by clicking on the link above to read more about his very rare necklace.

Browse through our most recent posts in this blog  to see some of our other latest additions, like that green yellow diamond ring and a heart-shaped ruby valentine ring.

And now from latest news!  Once again it's time for our annual FEBRUARY FEVER SALE. This sale is always popular and were hoping 2012 won't be an exception.  From February 1 to February 8, visit our Divine finds jewelry  shop at Ruby Lane  and look for discounts from 10% to 20% off selected items.  Those items included in the sale will have some mention of FEBRUARY FEVER in the headline.  Grab your calculator  and apply the discount showing to the current price.  When you put in your order, we will invoice you at the discounted price.

This is our 1st sale of 2012.  We hope you stop by and pick up something you love at a reduced price. But you'll need to act fast: you have only one week to snap up a bargain!  FEBRUARY FEVER SALE begins midnight January 31 and ends midnight February 8 EST.   Don't miss out!

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