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Friday, November 30, 2012


A short note to all of you other vendors, dealers, jewelry websites who comment on my posts only as a means of adding a link to your own sites: 


I will delete and mark as spam any comments that don't directly contribute in a non-spamning way to my posts. 


If you want to generate traffic to your own sites, don't use MY BLOG to do it. 

I repeat: I will delete any irrelevant comments and mark them as spam. Your spamming is easy to recognize. Many of you are using a translator and what you post is nonsense. You are easy to spot. So don't even bother. 

DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY BLOG is about the vintage, estate and antique jewelry we carry in our shop at Ruby Lane. It is not to be used as a means of advertising YOUR products. Our subscribers are not interested in contemporary, modern or cheaply manufactured jewelry from overseas. 

If you don't have some wisdom or information directly related to the content of my blog or pieces on our site, don't comment please! You are wasting my time checking your comments only to mark them as spam and/or delete them. 

Go peddle your jewelry on your own blog. You are not welcome here. 


Monday, November 5, 2012


Pink Sapphire/Diamond Necklace on Auction at DUPUISNovember 18, 2012
It's time to torment ourselves again i.e. torment ourselves with all the gorgeous jewelry on auction at the upcoming high-end auction houses like DUPUIS, HERITAGE, RICHIES ... just to name a few.

If you click on the link beneath that ravishing Pink Sapphire and Diamond Necklace shown on the left, you can get a good look at this one on Dupuis' own site. This incredible necklace contains 73cts of pink sapphires, framed in borders of glittering diamonds. We held this beauty in our hands and dreamed of owning it when we went to Dupuis premises in Toronto this past Friday to preview the jewels. Do you have any idea how hard it is to look at something like this, hold it in your hands, put it loosely around your neck and know you couldn't even begin to consider the estimated auction price it's expected to fetch: between $20,000 - $25.000 USD! Oh why do we persecute ourselves by doing this!

We spent over 4 hours admiring and handling items like these 1920 Natural Pearl & Diamond Earrings by Chaumet (left). The expected hammer fall on this valuable item? Only $75,000 - $85,000!

And of course, much of our time was spent looking at rings since those are the most popular items in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop at Ruby Lane. Oh how we'd love to be able to afford to buy even one of them to offer you. There was a marvellous alexandrite, one of ours and yours favourite gemstones, several rubies (Burma) and emeralds (Columbian) and this absolutely outstanding Cashmir Sapphire and diamond ring below:

It looks so simple right? Then why do they expect it to sell for ... ready ... over $110,000? Why? Because it's an UNHEATED, UNTREATED 4.53ct Cashmir sapphire. Do you know how rare it is to find an actual Cashmir sapphire that is this large and hasn't been treated? 

There were so many gorgeous pieces there that we came away with headaches and wishing we could win the lottery. We'd be lucky to afford to buy 1-2 pieces! But it's such fun to look at them & dream. 

Then we got home to find that Heritage Auctions had just sent us their catalogues for both their Luxury Accessories and Christmas Jewelry Auctions taking place on December 3/4.  More fabulous jewelry to tantalize us with! So much of it is antique, art deco, Edwardian ... sigh. You can browse their catalogue online too at THIS LINK where the online bidding has already begun. Up for grabs, with a reserve of $7000, is this over 3.3cts of yellow and white diamonds ring:

My husband browsed through their handbag catalogue full of bags from Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc.  and nearly keeled over. He saw estimates as low as a few thousand dollars up to $60,000 and more for ... a "Purse"! He nearly gagged, saying that he should have bought the 2007 Volvo we were recently considering. They only wanted $16,000 for a car that could drive over "that purse" and it'd be worth nothing!

While in Toronto, we dropped into one of our appraisers and he mentioned the Ritchies Auctions. We weren't familiar with those so I googled them and found them HERE. Seems they too have a jewelry auction coming up on November 24/25 but there's nothing showing in their online catalogue just now. But a check through their past auctions yielded some awesome results. For instance, in November 2011, the gorgeous emerald and diamond earrings below sold for $20,400!

Gosh it must be fun to be able to spend that kind of money on earrings! But folks like me don't have that kind of money. We're happy that we can locate some lovely items that we can afford to offer our buyers at reasonable dollars, like these 22k/18k NATURAL fancy yellow diamond earrings below:

22k/18k Natural fancy yellow Diamond dangling earrings available now from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY

And we have a glorious natural yellow diamond necklace that goes perfectly with those:

Natural yellow diamond drop necklace available at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY

The necklace alone recently appraised over $9500. Needless to say, the earrings and necklace work perfectly together as a set.

You know, with the US elections just a couple of days away, and American Thanksgiving coming up soon, it's easy for buyers to forget that it's time to start your ONLINE Christmas shopping NOW. Once Thanksgiving is past, time gets very short for shipping items in time for Christmas delivery. In Canada, where we're located, our cut-off times for shipping outside Canada are somewhere between December 5-10. That's a month away today. So if you're showing hubby or the boyfriend an item in our shop that you would love to find under the tree, remind him not to wait to order it. The time to order is NOW to avoid disappointment. 

And do peruse our shop. We've just had a Red Tag sale where buyers saved 50% on some of our lovely items. We're planning to put a few items on sale in the next few days, but you won't know about them unless you visit the shop daily or are subscribed to our newsletter. That newsletter keeps subscribers updated on changes in our prices and new additions almost daily. So subscribe today. You'll find the link for doing so on the left-hand menu of our home page DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY.

Thursday, October 18, 2012



Shown above is a recent, and might I add, rather rare sapphire and diamond ring that we've just added to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP

What's RARE about it? Well you might not realize on first glance that this sapphire has no facets ... you know .. those precise cuts you find in most diamonds and gemstones to make them sparkle. That's because this is a SUGARLOAF Sapphire, not faceted, but cut so that it has a super smooth and oval rounded finish that rises to a rounded peak in the center, a bit like, well, Mt. Sugarloaf in Australia:

But in this case, I'd have to say the ring is somewhat more beautiful. 

Sugarloaf gemstones are unusual in that they are cut, not for sparkle from facetting, but to bring out the natural beautiful colour of the gemstone. Is this something new? No, not at all. This type of cutting dates back to ancient times. Our ring above dates to the Art Deco period. A sugarloaf gemstone is essentially, a cabochon, but rather than being just rounded, they come to a gentle point like the top of a mountain. And boy, are they rare and valuable!

I did a bit of searching before I wrote this post. I googled "sugarloaf gemstones" on Google and it brought up only 7 photos. Only 3 of these were of sugarloaf gemstone rings and only one was a sapphire. So I slipped over to eBay. Results there weren't much better, and the prices floored me when it come to the genuine thing ie. a vintage sugarloaf gemstone of any appreciable size. Little wonder then, when we took our ring in for appraisal, it came back at nearly $12,000! Not only does our ring have 1.72cts of diamonds: that glorious sugarloaf sapphire is 12.9 grams of pure gemstone, cut to bring out its natural beautiful rich blue and letting the diamonds around it provide sparkle.

According to the Natural Sapphire Company website, "Sugarloaf sapphires are in high demand and difficult to find. Cabochon cut sapphires are normally heat treated, as are most sapphires these days.  A fine untreated cab is usually seen in antique estate jewelry. And, It is important that the color within the stone be evenly distributed with no color zoning.  Heavily zoned or included cabochon sapphires will cost a lot less than clean transparent cabs.  Large cabochons are very difficult to find and highly prized."

Our ring meets all those criteria. It is large, estate, not heat treated, has even colour distribution and  no colour zoning. For that person who wants a ring few others have or can get, our ring is worth acquiring. It's rare, art deco, valuable and positively beautiful. Be sure to slip over to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY and to see more photos and learn more about it. If you want "special" and "unique" you're looking at it. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Buy this 1.96ct diamond dinner ring HERE
Does my title have you thinking it's too soon to think Christmas! Well not really, not if you're shopping online and have to allow for shipping times, postal cutoff dates and all that sort of thing. And it's not too early if the item you most want to buy is a little out of your budget just now but you could swing it on layaway. And it's definitely not too early if the item you have had your eye on is one that 15 others also have been watching or have added to their wish list. You see, now's the time those folks are coming back for a second and third look. Those ladies are bringing over their husbands or boyfriends and showing them what their hearts really desire. And when hubby suddenly wakes up that Christmas shopping starts in earnest as soon as the American Thanksgiving is over, and he panics because he doesn't know what to buy you, well doesn't it make sense to show him what you want, what you really, really want NOW? 

So in this post, we're going to share with you some of the items that are on the "most wanted" list in our DIVINE FINDS shop at Ruby Lane. Now the item above, that knockout 1.96cts diamond cocktail ring was just added today. So you might be amongst the first to see it. But we've suggested it would look fantastic in combination with this vintage 14k Diamond Bracelet Watch (working) shown below ... and 10 of our visitors have already added it to their wish lists or shopping carts: 

Buy this vintage 14k diamond bracelet watch HERE

You know, I wish I had a dollar for each time a customer has emailed to ask us whether this or that item is still available, but it's long gone. Or for each of the customers who bemoaned missing out on something we just listed that sold before they had time to think about it. It happens time and again. When it comes to beautiful jewelry, you never know who's looking at the item you want at exactly the same time as you are. It's always a case of "first in, best dressed". We know you hesitate because you might feel it's out of your budget just this moment. Well, that's why we offer layaway. Putting in your order with a small deposit locks it up for YOU. No-one else can come in and buy it when the item shows "sale pending". But you don't have to pay for it right away. We don't work like eBay does. You can take weeks, even a few months to pay it off. But the point is, if you like it, she who hesitates might lose it!

So, in case you haven't visited DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY lately, let me present you with a few of our other recent additions: 

Buy this 18k diamond & kunzite ring HERE

How about this incredibly beautiful 18k white gold diamond and KUNZITE ring above? We only listed it 3 days ago and already 3 shoppers have added it to their wish carts as I like to call them. Or if you like a really deep rich blue sapphire ring, (our survey said you like sapphires best!) then what about this beauty with its 3.48ct NATURAL CEYLON SAPPHIRE below. Insanely gorgeous!

Buy this 3.48ct Natural Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring HERE
On the other hand, maybe you'd just like a pretty vintage pin for your dress or coat? Well here's a really lovely 14k amethyst pin with rich purple stones that might just be in your budget:

Buy this 14k vintage amethyst pin HERE

Well there's lots more I could show you but I'm running short of time. Why don't you just CLICK HERE NOW and slip over to our DIVINE FINDS SHOP and have a poke around. We've added a lot of new items over the past month. I've just been too busy to blog about them here. But I really do suggest that if you always want to be on top of new additions to our shop, as soon as they arrive, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER! You'll find the link to do that on the left hand menu of our home page at Divine Finds Jewelry. Within one or two days of a new item being added, Ruby Lane sends out a lovely html newsletter complete with pictures to our mailing list. So subscribe today and be amongst the first to see and buy those new items. 

Monday, September 17, 2012


According to an article I recently posted on my information site at DESIGNER VINTAGE JEWELRY , "of all the pieces of jewelry in the world, a pearl necklace is the only thing a woman should not be without". If that is true, then it puzzles me that the few pieces of pearl jewelry we offer in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP at Ruby Lane take as long as they do to find a buyer. 

Have pearls fallen out of favour with today's women? Are pearls just not fashionable enough? Do women feel they are only suited to special occasions? 

As I look at the exquisite pieces we have, like this incredible pearl ring below, the likes of which I've never seen, I am so totally blown away by the beauty of that single 11.4mm South Sea Pearl that isn't overshadowed even by the 1.69cts of diamonds set around it. Yes, the diamonds glitter and catch your eye, but it's the creamy rose flawless pearl that is breath-taking. Oh if you could only see this one with your own eyes, as we do, instead of on a screen. As good as our photos are, they cannot capture what our eyes do. No wonder one of the most frequent comments we hear from buyers when their purchases arrive is how much more beautiful the piece is than our photos showed. 

And just look at this ring from the side: there are diamonds running down the side of the band as well as set around the pearl. Such a stunning mount! Little wonder this one recently appraised at $9550. It's a rare ring indeed!

If you watch the video above, you'll see the wide reach and appreciation that famous women and celebrities have of pearls ... and we're not just talking about back in the days of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Some of today's most gorgeous women choose pearls for the final touches on their wardrobes. Look at Jennifer Lopez below: 

Does Divine Finds Jewelry have a string of pearls for you? Of course we do:

We have a RARE, antique 2 strand necklace of both natural and cultured South Sea pearls that comes with a GIA graded pearls report. The clasp contains 3 brilliant diamonds. The necklace dates to the period between 1895 - 1905 and weighs 21.10 grams. This is such a rare and very divine find. We are always amazed at how much natural pearls go for at the high end estate auctions we attend e.g. a set of natural pearl earrings sold for $80,000, far surpassing auction expectations. Well, in this necklace, there's a full strand of natural pearls. Need I say more?

And of course, few bracelets adorn a wrist as beautifully as a pearl bracelet. We have one of those for you too! The cultured pearl and 14k gold bead bracelet below has a fabulous double ram's head diamond clasp. Dating to the 1970's but perfect for today, it's unique and oh so classy! 

Enjoy the video above which is set to the wonderful old song, "String of Pearls" (of course!) and if you want to know more about pearl jewelry, which, by the way, should be worn and not kept in box so that our own body oils help the pearls retain their lustre, you can read that article I referenced above AT THIS LINK.  But first of all, click on the photos or links above to go directly to these lovely pearl pieces in our  DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP so you can see more photos and join the ranks of other beautiful women who value pearls. You'll be in good company: Lady Di, Sophia Loren, Michelle Obama, Oprah ... 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


We asked .. and you told us! What you shop for most in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop is summed up in the photo above: RINGS, SAPPHIRE GEMSTONES and ART DECO period pieces!

Well I must say, I'm not really surprised, given that our own stats show us that we sell more rings than all other jewelry items combined. You want rings more than bracelets, earrings, pins and necklaces. And when it comes to gemstones, no wonder our sapphire rings sell faster than rubies, emeralds and all the rest. As for your favourite era when it comes to jewelry, you love Art Deco/Art Nouveau more than Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian. 

Well guess what, Art Deco is our favourite too. But here's where we ran into an incongruence, that may, in retrospect, only be due to the fact that many shoppers don't realize that at least, for another 15-20 years, Art Deco won't be "antique". What on earth do I mean? Well at Ruby Lane, an item MUST be over 100 years old to be considered antique. So what's the problem? When we asked you what items you want to see more of in our shop, you said "Antique!" That would mean more Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian. Sigh ... 

Now above, is a genuine ANTIQUE sapphire and diamond ring. It dates to the Edwardian era and is date-marked "Birmingham 1903". That ring, ladies, is antique and about 20 years ahead of Art Deco. 

Actually, it's puzzled us that no-one has yet purchased that ring. It's appraised over $4000, has the ever-popular daisy style setting for the stones, and an impressive emerald and diamond carat weight of top quality. The price is incredibly low for a marvellous antique ring like this. 

Speaking of PRICES, that's another very interesting finding in our survey, though again, not really surprising: when we asked what's the one thing you would do if you could change our shop, most of you chose "lower the prices!" Well of course. Who doesn't want to get the best or most for the least. We get that. But then, we were struck with another incongruence. In the same set of choices regarding changing our shop, we gave you this option: "offer more antique items of jewelry". Now, you're wondering, what's incongruous about that? Well, exactly the same number of respondents who said they'd lower the prices also said they wanted more antique items of jewelry ie. these two were tied! But there's a problem in that for us: you see, buying antiques of any kind, jewelry included, is expensive. We don't have bottomless pockets. We're just a little home-based online mother/daughter business for whom buying and selling pretty jewelry is really just a hobby because, like you, we love beautiful jewelry and get a lot of pleasure out of finding our customers something they adore. So, when it comes to buying real antique jewelry, what we love or you might love,  we can rarely afford. We don't have inexpensive sources for our jewels. We don't live in a wealthy area that holds tons of estate sales where you can buy a box of great items for several thousand dollars and sell them for double what we paid. In fact, when Ruby Lane hosts a Red Tag sale, as they did recently, and tells us we must offer customers 50% off, we were lost. We don't mark up our items that high! To sell at 50% off meant selling below our cost in most cases. So we had very little we could include in that sale. 

So there you go. We'd love to lower the prices as you'd like us to, and every so often, we hold sales because we know you love them. We can guarantee  you that when we  put something "on sale" or "reduced price", it has indeed been reduced to just about as low as we can comfortably go. So, when we do put "make an offer" on an item (and apparently you'd like more of that too) please bear in mind that if we've already reduced the price, we can't take an offer that's another 30 - 50% off the reduced price. Just as a rule of thumb, when we invite you to make an offer, we have pre-set our lowest accepted price. It will be between 10% - 15% off the last shown price. So there's no point in offering us any less than that. 

Well that just about wraps it up except for two things: the SECOND item you shop for most ... and this did surprise us is EARRINGS. Well given I never leave home without my earrings, why am I surprised? And the other thing I wanted to mention is that your SECOND favourite gemstone is ... RUBY! I notice we're a bit low of those right now so thank you for helping us decide what we need to add. 

In the meantime, let me leave you with a simply luscious pair of diamond emerald dangling earrings to dream about wearing,  

and one of the most stunning RUBY rings I've seen in a long time. Thanks for your help everyone and come see us soon. New items being added weekly. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


We hope you're enjoying what's left of summer (if you're in North America) and spending some time with your children. With only 2 weeks left before they head back to school, I guess many of you are not spending much time indoors checking out jewelry sites, though I must admit we've had a surprising amount of traffic to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop over the past month. That's great, and we're looking forward to seeing even more of you stopping by come September and as we move into the pre-Christmas sales period.

You know ladies, September is the time for you to start seriously thinking about what you want your hubby or honey to buy you for Christmas. The reason I say that is if it's something pricey, give him some time to put it on layaway if needed. What's even more important is the fact that, well, you know how men are: they wait till the last minute to find you that special something and panic sets in over those last few days before Christmas. But the bad part about that is that what you wanted may be long gone. And furthermore, it's near impossible to get an item to him in time to put under the tree if he waits even until mid-December to buy it. After all, shipping bogs right down and Postal services have cut-off dates.

So what I'm saying is if we have something in our shop that you really really want, tell him NOW. Show him the pictures and tell him we'll do layaway if he needs it but insist he doesn't wait till the last minute to order it. It may be long gone or he won't get it in time. Neither option is what you want.

So, speaking of options, we have a SURVEY we really want and need you to take. You remain anonymous. All we need is some answers to help us when we're buying jewelry for you. We'll share the survey results with you down the way when we've gathered enough info. We do ask you do this survey ASAP as we want to compile results by early September at the latest. And best of all, it'll only take 5 minutes of your time .. but you'll be helping us enormously. It's multiple choice. Nothing to it!

To do the survey, you can do one of three things:

1) just click this SURVEY LINK

2) If your browser allows pop-ups or you don't have them blocked, use the POP-UP WINDOW method by clicking this link:

3) Without leaving this page, the survey is shown below. Just select your choice (s) and click CONTINUE on bottom right. On some browsers, that continue box is just showing a tiny bit, but it still works. Just click it with your mouse to go to next page. It will turn over.

Whichever choice you make, we thank you for your assistance. Your assistance helps us improve our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 Okay, I give up! Once a jewelry addict, always a jewelry addict. Here I was, dead set on buying no more jewelry: I was done with it. I have other things to do with my life. I was going to rid myself of my addiction once and for all! Sounds like a typical addict, doesn't it. And I did well. I went for months without a "hit" so to speak. I'd look at jewelry online, at shows, at live auctions and somehow find the strength to resist the urge to buy. It also helped that I had a ton of bills at the time so buying up luxury jewelry wasn't really an option. I even went so far as to start liquidating (as those of you who follow this blog know) my existing stock. I unloaded a ton of it, mostly at cost and some below cost ... that really hurt! But at least I cleared most of the bills. 

I got busy with my life-long goal, writing and have made excellent headway with both my book, a new blog for survivors of sexual abuse and a Facebook group page on the same topic. (Yes, I have varied interests and a less than lovely past ... but that's not for this blog) But, since my partner at Divine Finds Jewelry was still very much involved with collecting beautiful jewelry, some of her finds mesmerized me. It was like being offered a cigarette or alcohol after years of restraint and self-control. She began feeding my addiction again with her glorious rings, like this just added platinum sapphire diamond wedding ring set below

or this incredibly beautiful and RARE Georgian Rose-cut Diamond pendant below:

and this collectible and very affordable sterling silver hallmarked BIRKS EARRING & PIN SET

By the time I stumbled across the incredibly rare seed pearl necklace dating to 1870 shown below (and already sold within the first 48 hours of listing!) I was done in and back on the buying circuit.

I'm just crazy for seed-pearl jewelry: the craftsmanship, the intricacy is so amazing. I can only imagine how many hours it would take to piece a 22" necklace like that together. And most of what I come across has either already been repaired or needs repair. At my age, and with my eyesight, repair is out of the question for me. So when I located that utterly glorious divine find of a seed pearl necklace in perfect condition and over 140 years old, how could I resist? If you want to read up on that one, better follow the link quickly as it will only be shown in our shop for a month since it's already sold and on its way to a very happy new buyer. 

It wasn't long before I was on the hunt again, feeding my addiction, looking for diamond, gemstone, antique and estate jewelry. I was rewarded with this magnificent find, now available in our shop:

That exquisite piece above is an 18k gold diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby bangle weighing a hefty 22 grams. Between its large genuine gemstone cabochons and high end diamonds are more emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Did I say exquisite? I'd never seen one like this. Go take a look. Awesome!

And if you like emeralds and diamonds, and want dangling earrings, this set below is going to blow you away as it did me. Now I know our photos are good, but I have to tell you what we see with our naked eye when we look at this set is never going to be captured by a camera lens. Those diamonds glitter like mad and the emeralds are fantastic! And you can wear these DIAMOND EMERALD EARRINGS in two ways: you can detach the dangle from the top section and just wear the smaller section on your ear .. nice if it's a less formal occasion. Or you can slip hoops through the dangle loops and wear them that way. But if you want to make a real splash, wear them as one full earring and wow! All eyes are on you!

Well that's just a few of the new estate additions to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE. We will be adding more as we move into September and prepare for the busy Christmas shopping season. My advice, of course, is always the same: if you like it, don't sit and dream about or wait too long to decide: when an item is rare or unique as so many of ours are, they get snapped up quickly. Everyone wants something others don't have. Don't let the price hold you back: we do offer layaway and try to make it as easy as possible for you to get that Divine Find you're dreaming of owning. Just ask!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


And look what we found! Wow, have we offered you some gorgeous jewelry over the years. Enjoy browsing with us ... 

Wish I had kept them all ... so beautiful ... don't you agree?