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Saturday, November 12, 2011


As I settled in to write today's post on necklaces, I decided to do a quick search on necklaces worn by celebrities. The first page that came up was a surprise. I clicked the link and it brought me to this site: JEWELLERY OF TODAY'S BRITISH ROYALTY. You must click that link and go take a look at what women wore on their necks in the days of the Tudors. Fascinating ... not to mention a far cry from the less elaborate, lighter looking and lighter weight of necklaces today. Just imagine wearing this Indian Diamond Emerald necklace worn by Queen Alexandra: 

It really makes me wonder how those noble ladies wore such heavy pieces around their necks, coupled with the elaborate clothing on her shoulders, not to mention the jewels atop her head. I just bet their heads and shoulders ached at the end of a day!

Well not for me I'm afraid. Give me something more delicate and lovely like this latest addition to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE below:

This graceful necklace offers, but doesn't broadcast its 50 carats of beautifully faceted sapphire beads that feel "barely there" on your neck but will never go un-noticed because of its uniqueness. I've not seen one like this before. This is a vintage choker with a stamped platinum clasp and chain. Adding to its allure is the central diamond and platinum leaf-design pendant with 50 round brilliant diamonds for a total carat weigh of around 0.60cts. I don't know about you, but that's more than enough sapphires and diamonds around my neck, minus any headaches yet! Take a closer look at this magnificent necklace HERE

If, like Queen Alexandra above, you're more into emeralds than sapphires, maybe this beauty in 14k gold below is more to your taste ... and budget!

Again, this emerald and diamond necklace is demure and lightweight. It's the perfect accessory for that strapless or low cut dress you're wearing on New Year's Eve. It contains 1.05cts of rich green emeralds and nearly half a carat of diamonds. It's been appraised over $4500 CAD but is offered at a very reasonable price by DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE. There are 11 buyers who have added this piece to their wish list or cart, so don't let it get away from you. Christmas shopping has started in earnest now. 

Of course, if a pretty vintage lavalier is more YOU, take a closer look at this truly affordable 9ct ruby pendant below:

I must say I'm truly surprised this one hasn't sold yet: it has 29 people watching it! Who will claim it? It dates to the Edwardian era and is being offered at a very low $895! It has 38 natural seed pearls and 22 bordeaux-red rubies. The pendant measures 1 3/4" X 1 1/4". Topped by that pretty bow, it takes you back to earlier days. It's fit for a queen and you can make it yours by visiting THIS LINK 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes, Virginia, You can afford to shop for Christmas at Divine Finds Jewelry!

You know it's easy to conclude, when you read this blog and see some of our exquisite vintage jewelry, that while it's lovely and all that, you just can't afford any of it, right? 

Well that's not really true. Yes, I do tend to feature the more expensive pieces, but that's because folks really aren't all that interested in the little trinkets, especially unsigned ones, that we also carry in our DIVINE FINDS SHOPS. This blog is designed to heighten your awareness of rare gemstone jewelry or  both fine and costume designer signed pieces ... or antique jewelry ... and it goes without saying, most of those items are indeed, higher end when we're looking at price. 

But with Christmas now barely over a month away, and knowing just how tight the economy is right now, I'm sure many of you just can't even think of giving more costly jewelry as gifts. So we've put together the video above to show you that at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at both RUBY LANE and RUBY PLAZA, we have gift ideas ranging in price from only $10 - $199 .. and there's lots to choose from. We've put the current price of each piece right on each photo. To locate the piece you like, just visit both links above. 

As you'll hear at the beginning of the video, the clock is ticking: The countdown to Christmas has begun. And don't forget, that being located in Canada, we won't be able to ship in time, unless you're prepared to pay premium shipping, for orders placed after December 15th. So the time to look and shop is NOW!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Dating to around 1928, this stunning Art Deco diamond & Sapphire Platinum Ring is available exclusively from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY

If you're a fan of Princess Kate's engagement ring (originally owned by Princess Diana) ... and who isn't ... then you'll love this latest addition to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE. This stunning Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Ring has been entrusted to us for sale on consignment by one of our regular and most loyal buyers who purchased it years ago. She's forever buying rings from us and as she puts it, "I can't keep buying your gorgeous ring without unloading some of my own!"

Well what a beauty she's offering you here. This is truly a keepsake ring that is at least 83 years old. Fashioned from platinum (which continues to increase in price at a greater rate than gold) it houses a superb rectangular cushion-cut 7 carat sapphire. Now that's a big sapphire and very, very valuable. Though deep in color and saturation, it's clean and light goes right through its beautiful blue. 

Enhancing its beauty are 24 old European cut diamonds of VS1 clarity and H color, quite unusual for such old diamonds. Hallmarks suggest the ring is of European origin, most likely France, and it's stamped "4 7 28", most likely the date the ring was first given to some lucky lady. Learn more about this incredible ring and see more photos HERE. 

At the other end of the spectrum, for those who are into designer signed costume jewelry, we've added the wonderful CUCKOO CLOCK PENDANT by TRIFARI shown below to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP at RUBY LANE too. 

Cuckoo clock pendant by Trifari is a rare collectible available from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY

This RARE and very COLLECTIBLE piece is also being sold on consignment and the owner is willing to consider offers, as is the owner of the Diamond Sapphire Ring above. Why not check both of them out and make an offer today? You could make someone very happy at Christmas with items like these. The Christmas countdown has started!