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Friday, October 14, 2011


Have you missed us? We've missed you! And we've decided, after a 2-month absence to brave the possible headaches that forced us to leave before and come home to Blogger! We've re-activated our old site, found our previous subscribers were all still there (thanks so much!) and we've given the old blog a new look. Hope  you like it.

Now, just so you know, we did continue blogging at TUMBLR. I loved our blog there: pretty, concise, and so easy to use. We had hoped you'd follow us over there but maybe you couldn't find us. If not, you missed a whack-load of interesting posts on our lovely new additions, like this fantastic UNHEATED COLOR CHANGE SAPPHIRE RING below (just added this week):

2.57ct color changing sapphire goes from purple to blue! Buy it now from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE

And yesterday we just added an interesting blog piece about the difference between ALEXANDRITE and other COLOR CHANGE GEMSTONES. That's really worth reading. 

But now the other thing you may not know about ... and I'm sure you'll want to know .. is that we're currrently having a time-limited CLEARANCE SALE in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP at RUBY PLAZA.  This is a fantastic sale with reductions on some of our best items previously shown in our RUBY LANE SHOP! This includes designer rings from Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany and some wonderful antique pieces.  

Why time-limited? Well over the next 2 weeks, we'll be moving them back into DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE ... at their ORIGINAL prices. But right now, in the RUBY PLAZA SHOP, you can buy them at anywhere from $200 - $500 off! WOW! What a time to start your Christmas shopping!

So, all that said, WELCOME BACK and we hope you welcome us back too.  Do catch up with all our postings over the past 2 months at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at TUMBLR and we will still be slipping some quick photos, videos and any more contemporary items there. We've added a link to the Tumblr blog  on this site as well, so you can always check it out in case we're talking about something there that we don't talk about here. And that blog also has a link on the left where you can sign up for our newsletter. Take advantage of it!

And the other place to stay on top of both blogs is to "LIKE" our PAGE at FACEBOOK

Well that's enough to absorb for now, but I'll close by letting you know that the gorgeous rose, purple and pink Schiaparelli shown below is on sale now in our RUBY PLAZA CLEARANCE SHOP at a saving of $500!! It's a great buy at only $295 .. our cost! Treat yourself this Christmas. This one's worth collecting!