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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Have you ever seen a set similar to the one above? I haven't! Utterly fantastic! It's a rococo design, mounted in 18k gold, with cannetille work accented by gemstones. Those miniature cameos you see are all hand-painted and dates to the mid-19th century. And it's up for auction this weekend at the DUPUIS FINE JEWELRY AUCTION in Toronto.

We attended this auction in October 2010. What a thrill .. and what a frustration to realize we could never afford most of what we saw there. That set above, by the way, is expected to fetch between $15,000 - $20,000 USD!

Then there's the 24.30ct aquamarine pendant below:

Gorgeous art deco piece accented by diamonds and set it platinum, they estimate this one to fetch between $2100 - $2625 USD. But I remember a similar one at the previous auction that had a similar estimate and it went for more than twice the estimate! And remember too that the winning buyer also pays a further 25% buyer's premium + sales taxes! Ouch!

As I go through the Dupuis catalogue (and you can do the same just by browsing the auction online) I can't help but think how low our prices are!  Like crazy low, especially now during our VIP SALE at RUBY LANE which ends, by the way, in 8 days. Take this exquisite 9ct Amethyst Set of necklace and bracelet below which appraised recently for over $8700 CAD:

9ct Amethyst and seed pearl bracelet and necklace set being offered at 15% discount 

With our VIP discount of $15%, we're offering this knockout set for less than 1/3 of its appraised value. And guess what? No buyer's premium! 

Or what about our incredibly unique aquamarine/diamond set below, comprised of dangling earrings, pendant/necklace and bracelet? Just the bracelet alone appraised at over  $4500 CAD a little while back. And we're offering the entire set, during our VIP SALE, with a 20% discount that brings the buyer's price down to $1836!

14k aquamarine/diamond set of necklace, bracelet & dangling earrings offered at 20% discount 

Sadly, our photos have never quite captured the glory of that set. The aquamarine proved very hard to photograph, but when one sees this with the naked eye, well it's truly exquisite with all the glittery high quality diamonds and luminous aquamarine stones and all set in 14k white gold. 

While I have you, here's a highly collectible and rare necklace we just acquired and listed in our RUBY LANE SHOP this week. It would fetch a handsome dollar at a Dupuis Auction because of its rarity and pedigree: this necklace was made by that famous Canadian jewelry house, BIRKS. But even more importantly, it dates back to when BIRKS was known as BIRKS-ELLIS-RYRIE. We're talking early 1900's ... and it comes in its original BER box: 

Early 1900's peridot and seed pearl lavalier necklace in 14k available at

What a beauty! Tiny seed pearls set artistically around twinkling green genuine peridot in a 14k gold setting ... and in near mint condition! This one's not included in our VIP sale but if you like rare designer vintage, this one merits a very close look. I wouldn't sit on it too long. Look at what happened with our Cardow semi-black diamond opal necklace which we featured in this blog only a few weeks back: 7 people added it to their wish lists in one week and yesterday an order was placed for it by a lady in Hong Kong. That lady was smart and took advantage of the savings we're offering in our VIP SALE. 

So, summing up for this edition: Get Smart! Hurry on over to our SHOP AT RUBY LANE and see what else is being offered at considerable discount for the next 8 days only.