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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


If there's one thing we love about vintage jewelry it's its uniqueness. So individual! Such fabulous one-off designs. No cookie-cutter stuff. You know, each month we receive a jeweller's trade mag that focusses on new items and it never ceases to amaze me how much of it all looks the same, at least when it comes to rings! So different from what you could buy 40, 60, 80 or more years ago. Ah, give me the vintage and antique anyday. Even with the odd chip or scratch, it still can't be matched for beauty.

So saying, just look at that knockout vintage ring that we listed a couple of days ago. We won this one at via one of those high-end online auction houses ... not eBay by the way ... but a real auction house with huge buyer premiums and all that stuff that makes us groan. But when you can acquire a piece like that ring, it's worth it!

So that dazzler above is 18k and that cushion-shaped oval opal, measuring 9.50mm X 7.30mm  is a rainbow of reds, blues, greens. Stunning! Then surrounding it are 28 pinkish-red rubies and locking it all in place is yet another oval halo of 46 old European cut diamonds totalling between 0.30 - 0.40cts. Now that's what I call a gorgeous ring design. SEE MORE PHOTOS AND LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS OPAL/RUBY/DIAMOND RING HERE. 

Another fantastic recent ring addition is this diamond/emerald ring below:

Not only is the 3-dimensional design stunningly different from what is offered in newer gemstone rings, but this one has a rarely found feature: the metal in the ring is not only platinum, but also 20k. Now that's unusual! This one dates to Edwardian times, another plus when it comes to the value of any jewelry, but we are unable to determine its origin from the markings in the band. Most likely it's European with that unusual gold karat metal. You can LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS EMERALD DIAMOND RING HERE. 

Still with rings, we have been able to add another lovely designer signed ring to our  SHOP at RUBY LANE this week. This one is a JOSE HESS

What a beauty! That's a one-carat royal blue sapphire you can see with superb color and clarity. And set into the 18k gold band are 7 brilliant full-cut diamonds of F - G color and VS clarity. Real sparklers! This designer ring is numbered,  hallmarked and very reasonably priced. LEARN MORE HERE. 

Notice something all these rings have in common? They all use a higher karat of gold. That's something I've noticed over years of buying jewelry and rings in particular: designers and better made rings use 18k or higher for their pieces. And that's the case again in this last item I want to share with you. This time, it's not just a ring: it's a set, and a most unusual one, of earrings and ring: 

This is going to appeal to the woman who loves her jewelry to be different and who knows the value of gold, especially right now. The full weight of this set is 23 grams. The karat of the gold is 18k. On today's market, that's worth nearly $900 just in gold! But if you, like me, don't believe in melting down beautiful gold jewelry, then you'll appreciate this set for itself. Stunning, unique, those earrings dangle nearly 1 3/4" ... really eye-catching ... and the ring is as different as you can get: it flexes and folds and though it looks like it could be chunky, it isn't. The set is tri-colored 18k by the way: rose, white and yellow, with just a few diamonds to add some extra glitter. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS FABULOUS SET HERE  You'll love it!

Well there you go. That's it for now.