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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Has doing your taxes or getting your garden ready for spring or planning a graduation kept you away from looking at jewelry lately? Well it's time to take a break from your busy life and indulge yourself in something nicer than number crunching and spreading fertilizer! Besides, we'd hate to have you miss seeing some of the rather spectacular additions we've made to our Shop at Ruby Lane over the past couple of weeks, beginning with that incredibly beautiful opal necklace above.

This necklace features 35 semi-black Australian opals and half a carat of top quality diamonds set in 14k yellow gold. It was made by the Cardow company located in the Virgin Islands and renowned for its quality jewels for over 50 years. I have to say that I have never seen a necklace quite like this. It reminds me of designer vintage costume jewelry in design but the beautiful part is it isn't costume jewelry! It's fine, 14k gold with genuine, natural opals and diamonds. No costume jewelry could ever match this. It's one of our favourites and fits so well with the exceptional pieces we pride ourselves on locating for our Shop at Ruby Lane. Learn more about this OPAL DIAMOND NECKLACE by clicking that link. The color of those opals will blow you away!

Then there's this new addition below ... a stunning 14k Art Deco diamond bangle

We obtained this one from one of those higher end estate auction houses where you pay whopping premiums as a buyer and meaning, a bangle like this didn't come cheap! But as we always try to be reasonable with our pricing, this one is truly great value and just a wonderful item to add to the family treasure chest. But of course, that's not what you want to do with it just now: you want to wear it, right? Well this one has close to 1/2ct of brilliant diamonds set into a dazzling  design that will catch every eye and yet it's dainty as can be. It fits a 6 1/4" wrist comfortably, and while slender and feminine, it has a good weight of nearly 16 grams. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL BANGLE HERE

If you like gold bracelets but your taste is more for the bolder, wide kind of the past, you must take a look at this one below just listed today:

This is one that those greedy gold buyers who sell to gold refiners like to get their hands on because it weighs just over 40 grams of 14k gold. Do you know how that makes my blood boil?! For the life of me, I can't stand the thought of a vintage bracelet this beautiful and well-made having no value beyond selling as scrap for melting. It's criminal! I had to rescue it. Sure it cost me plenty but hey, gold is constantly increasing in value. Even if this sits in our Vianvi shop for 5 years, it's not going to lose value. And in this condition, near mint, it has years and years of wearing yet to be done. Just a marvellous wide bracelet. You can see more photos and learn more about it HERE

And of course, a week at DIVINE FINDS never goes by without a fantastic ring or two being added to the shops. Check out this exqusite 18k antique Victorian 2.30ct diamond navette-shaped ring below:

There's 33 old mine cut diamonds in that spectacular old ring that measures nearly 1.5" along your finger. We've had this one sitting in the safe for many months now since we acquired it at another live estate auction where they only sell super high end items, you know ... the ones like the famous Christies and Sothebys auctions. I remember us sitting through this auction for over 8 hours wishing we could buy so many pieces but being totally out of our league dollar-wise on just about all of it. Even this one went beyond budget but we had to have it. If you feel that way too, you should take a closer look HERE

And finally, for those of you who are into designer signed fine jewelry and know that investing in a Cartier or a Van Cleef & Arpels is worth double, triple or even more than buying a similar unsigned item, we now offer you the outstanding  Van Cleef & Arpels ring below: 

It's not our only VCA ring but it's our biggest and most valuable with its 1.86cts of VVS1 - VVS2 diamonds of D - E color ... the best diamonds you can get and what you'd expect from Van Cleef & Arpels. That, apart from the name, the 18k gold, the fact that it's signed and numbered and comes in the original VCA box makes this one the one to buy and add to your most treasure collection of fine jewelry. We had this one appraised in April 2011 and it came in at nearly $11,000 CAD for insurance purposes. Being a Van Cleef & Arpels, and in fabulous condition with the original box yet, you can't go wrong treating yourself to this ring. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VAN CLEEF & ARPELS RING NOW. 

Well there you go folks. I hope you enjoyed your time out reading this blog and looking at these beauties. There's lots more where they came from too.