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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Superstar Huge Unheated Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring  

available exclusively from Divine Finds Jewelry at Ruby Lane

Have you ever seen a multi-gemstone ring quite like this one? I certainly haven't and let me tell you, this is definitely one that no photos can do justice too. If you think it looks good here, the real thing will knock you out! 

Now I wasn't going to do a blog until the new year but since my partner just listed this one in our shop, I wanted our followers to be the first to see it. So spectacular! With a certified replacement value of over $15,000, this cocktail ring features an unheated natural Ceylon sapphire of a glorious violet-blue in its center. Surrounding it in a rainbow of colors are 25 natural sapphires: greens, pinks, orange, topped off by nearly a carat of diamonds sprinkled throughout. What a bouquet of multi-gemstones and diamonds for your finger. Indescribable!

And now the best part: until January 2, you can buy this beauty at 10% off the current asking price during our BOXING WEEK SALE. But it's not the only item being offered at a 10% discount: all items in both our Divine Finds Jewelry Shops at RUBY LANE and RUBY PLAZA that are priced over $500 can be had at a 10% discount. 

We are receptive to offers on all other items in our shops as well, so if you've this week off and got some Christmas money to buy yourself something with and  didn't find anything in the real world that grabbed your fancy on Boxing Day, why not slip over and browse our shops. Happy Boxing Week shopping!

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