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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes, Virginia, You can afford to shop for Christmas at Divine Finds Jewelry!

You know it's easy to conclude, when you read this blog and see some of our exquisite vintage jewelry, that while it's lovely and all that, you just can't afford any of it, right? 

Well that's not really true. Yes, I do tend to feature the more expensive pieces, but that's because folks really aren't all that interested in the little trinkets, especially unsigned ones, that we also carry in our DIVINE FINDS SHOPS. This blog is designed to heighten your awareness of rare gemstone jewelry or  both fine and costume designer signed pieces ... or antique jewelry ... and it goes without saying, most of those items are indeed, higher end when we're looking at price. 

But with Christmas now barely over a month away, and knowing just how tight the economy is right now, I'm sure many of you just can't even think of giving more costly jewelry as gifts. So we've put together the video above to show you that at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at both RUBY LANE and RUBY PLAZA, we have gift ideas ranging in price from only $10 - $199 .. and there's lots to choose from. We've put the current price of each piece right on each photo. To locate the piece you like, just visit both links above. 

As you'll hear at the beginning of the video, the clock is ticking: The countdown to Christmas has begun. And don't forget, that being located in Canada, we won't be able to ship in time, unless you're prepared to pay premium shipping, for orders placed after December 15th. So the time to look and shop is NOW!

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