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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Royal de Versailles 18k Necklace expected to fetch upwards of $15, 000 at DUPUIS AUCTION
It's THAT time of year! The time when some of the big auction houses hold their "to die for" jewelry auctions and I'm dying! Now, when I am no longer buying any jewelry, having made the decision several months ago that it's time for me to retire and write about other things important to me, these auction houses send me their glorious catalogues and drive me crazy with their delicious, out of my budget, jewels!

That one above is a signed "Royal de Versailles" necklace fashioned from 18k gold  and expected to fetch $14,500 - 19,000 USD. The lattice-work design is overlaid with diamond florets and that bow is full of pave-set diamonds. While it's not something I'd ever wear (where would I wear it?!) as this is a live auction online, I can't wait to see what it actually goes for. Click the link below the photo to read up on it on Dupuis' own site.

And if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I'm into CARTIER, and there's quite a bit of Cartier in Dupuis' Fall Auction in November 2011. Oh to be able to afford something like this SAPPHIRE/DIAMOND BROOCH below:

Isn't it exquisite! The oval sapphire weighs 13.69 carats. It's set above a 2.30ct pear-shaped diamond. And mounted all around both in platinum are old mine cut and baquette diamonds. It comes with the French Assay marks, stamped Cartier of course, and is expected to sell for a mere $66,500 - $85,500! Just a drop in the bucket for some, but the stuff of dreams for women like me I'm afraid. 

You just have to go over to DUPUIS and browse their catalogue. There's so much to see and drool over.  Now you will see some items that look very reasonable and quite affordable, but just remember there's a buyer's premium of 25% on anything you buy. You get a break if the item goes for more than $50,000; in that case you pay only a 20% buyer's premium! Then since this auction is in Ontario, you also have to pay HST (harmonized sales tax).  That's another 13% on top of the rest!

That brings me to one other lovely piece that caught my eye because it reminds me of this one in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP

We're currently offering this necklace at $500 below its original price: until midnight, November 7th, you can purchase this cultured freshwater pearl necklace with diamonds and carved emeralds, rubies sapphires in the 18k clasp for only $2695. Does that seem a lot? Well compare it to this one being offered at the DUPUIS AUCTION

This too has cultured pearls and a diamond enamelled clasp made of 14k. Dupuis estimates it will fetch between $3800 and $4750, making ours very reasonably priced, especially when you consider that there's no 25% buyers' premium + another 13% in sales tax on top of the sale price + buyers' premium.

Well that's enough for now. I could go on forever but just today, another 3 catalogues arrived. These came from HERITAGE AUCTIONS and now I'm dying even more. There's so much we'd love to buy for our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOPS but then, you can go and bid on them yourselves if you dare LOL! Next post, I'll try to bring you some highlights from the Heritage Catalogue. Oh to be rich!

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