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Friday, November 4, 2011


Antique 18k carved amethyst ring is ON SALE right now at

You've finally found a gorgeous piece of antique jewelry that you love and can afford. Despite its age, it's in top condition like that gorgeous ROSE AMETHYST CARVED 18k RING above and you want to keep it that way. How do you look after it so it stays looking good for many years to come?

Well one thing you should do is research the "hardness" or durability of the gemstone in your ring or necklace. Some stones are more brittle, easier to chip and damage than others. Even diamonds get chipped if you're not careful. We have a lot of very informative articles on our site at BUY GENUINE GEMSTONES that you will find useful. It's a busy site and gets lots of traffic, so obviously there are many people wanting to know about about things like the popularity, value and quality of precious and semi-precious gems. You may find what you want there. 

But in the meantime, here's some information pertaining, in this case, to amethysts. I've chosen to do this post on amethyst because it's such a popular stone but not the hardiest. Did you know, for instance, that amethysts are affected by temperature changes ie. either too hot or too cold can alter their color. When you have a rose-pink amethyst like the one above, you want to keep it that way and not suddenly find out it's turned smokey-gray. So when you're not wearing your ring, be careful where and  how it is stored. 

Before storing any jewelry, if you have just cleaned it, make sure it's thoroughly dry. If you put a ring like the one above into a box before it's fully dry, that gorgeous 18k carved mounting will discolour; on top of that, the box interior is likely to mould. 

And while we're talking about cleaning jewelry, what's the best way to clean that precious antique ring above? Use a soft bristled brush, warm water and a mild detergent and brush carefully. Amethyst can scratch quite easily. Then wipe it dry with a soft cloth when you're done. Remember, make sure it's completely dry before you box it. 

Being in the business of selling rings, we are always looking at rings on our friends, relatives and acquaintances. It's amazing how often their expensive diamond rings look dingy and dirty. The sparkle is buried under months or even years of dirt. And yet, it takes 5 minutes to clean your rings as described above. People spend more time washing and polishing their cars and floors than cleaning their rings. Yet diamond and precious gemstone rings hold their value a lot longer than a car!

And speaking of cleaning cars and floors, when you're doing that, take off your rings for heaven's sake! Harsh chemicals can do irreparable damage to your rings. So do the chemicals in hot tubs and pools. I've had gold chains turn black while sitting in a hot tub. Always remove your jewelry before slipping into that tub!

Well one last thought before I go today: that superb CARVED 18K ANTIQUE AMETHYST RING shown above is included right now in our "NO TRICKS, JUST TREATS SALE" at RUBY LANE. That sale ends midnight November 7th. You can buy that beauty for only $529 if you act fast. And just an FYI, there are 24 other Ruby Lane shoppers already who have their eye on that one! 

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Paula N said...

A Good Article on taking utmost care of the gemstone jewelry; I would say especially when it is precious gemstone rings as these are so finely carved and has minute setting areas. Hence one should remove such jewelry before doing their day-to-day tasks like cooking, cleaning or bathing, washing, etc. Thanks to the author for a great write-up.