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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


If you have one , what's your favourite animal? Dog? Cat? Monkey? Tiger? Cougar? Horse? Snake? Whatever it is, chances are there's a pin, brooch, ring or bangle out there for you.

Over the years of selling jewelry, we have found our cat rings are hot sellers. They're in and out of our shops within a week. Snake jewelry too is in demand. We come across a fair amount of cat and snake jewelry in our searching for items for our shops, but some of the other animals are harder to find. However, after we listed the delightful 14k YORKIE PIN (shown below) in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP this week, I decided to check through our inventory and I see we have quite a nice selection of gift items for those of you thinking of giving animal jewelry this Christmas. There's more than I have time to list in this post, so I'll highlight a few and do another post later this week on the rest.

Let's begin with that YORKIE PIN just mentioned:

This little bundle of joy is solid 14k. She weighs 17 grams and has faceted sapphire eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go ... just like your real life doggie! The little blue enamelled bow in her hair has a tiny VS diamond in its center. This designer piece, signed MARTINE, is 1.3" high and 1.5" wide. Such a cutie for the dog lovers out there!

But then, we also have this 1.62ct DIAMOND 18k Shih-tzu PIN for you too:

He's a darling little fellow, less than an inch high and weighing half of what "martine" does, but he's super valuable with those brilliant diamonds all over him. Why, he even comes with an appraisal for $4550 CAD, and from now until December 15th, you can make an offer on him and get him at a discount between 10 - 30% off. But you'll have to make the offer to see just how little he'll cost!

Of course, if both the above doggie pins are out of your budget, and you like costume jewelry, we have this ALICE CAVINESS POODLE PIN below being offered to you on consignment: 

This is a truly rare find from this vintage costume jewelry designer. It's stamped "Germany Sterling Alice Caviness" on the back and is highly collectible. 3/4" high and 1" wide, it's beautifully detailed in sterling silver and marcasite with red enamelling and an asking price of only $125 USD.

For those who prefer bracelets to brooches and snakes to dogs, below is a stunning 14k YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SNAKE BANGLE with genuine ruby eyes. Weighing 11.1 grams and designed for a size 6.5 wrist, it's in wonderful vintage condition and a lovely gift for that special someone this Christmas:

And if you'd like a demure DIAMOND SNAKE RING to go with that ma'am,  here's a very affordable one from our DIVINE FINDS SHOP at RUBY PLAZA:

This stunning and somewhat sexy snake ring dates to the 1970's. It's alluring design coils for one inch along your finger. It's eye-catching and undeniably intriguing and is available at a very low $349 USD. 

Before I go, I just want to remind readers of the RED TAG SALE coming up very soon ie. December 3-5, where 15 items in our shop will be available at a whopping 30% discount on their current price. 

However, that's not all. From here on until December 15, we've put MAKE AN OFFER on more than half the items in our shop. There are "pre-sets" on your offers ie. if you make an offer and your offer is within our preset discount, your offer is automatically accepted. Now how big a discount can you get? Well the presets are set between 10 - 40% ... and many of them are in the 15% - 30% range. So there's some really great savings to be had when you make an offer by December 15th. 

What are you waiting for ... go over to our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY SHOP at RUBY LANE and start looking for all the "MAKE AN OFFER" items.  Don't be shy! Make your offer. That's the only way you'll know if your offer is acceptable. And you might just get quite a surprise at the saving you can make on that item you've been wanting for ages from DIVINE FINDS. 

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