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Monday, October 17, 2011


Outstanding beauty in this 1940's Amethyst, pearl and diamond pendant  set in 14k & available exclusively from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY PLAZA

Why choose a pendant over a full necklace when accessorizing your outfit? Depending on the pendant, it can simply add a touch of femininity to a business suit or, if it's like the magnificent pendant shown in the photo above, it will be the piece de resistance that tops off that little black dress at those upcoming Christmas cocktail parties. 

In history, pendants go back a long way. Excavations in 1922 in the land of the Pharoahs uncovered gold pendants and bracelets dating to 3000 BC.  And in eight century BC, the Etruscans used gold to fashion hollow pendants to hold perfume. A great deal of "mourning" jewelry in the Victorian era included pendants filled with lockets of hair in memory of a loved one. And to this day, pendants and lockets that open up to hold a photo of a mother or lover are still popular gifts. Even my personal everyday jewelry is a simple gold necklace from which hang two pendants given to me by my daughter. One is a lovely cameo of mother and child. The other, a simple heart saying "mom".  

But when it's dress-up time, give me something like that Amethyst, pearl and diamond pendant above. What a beauty! It's a post Art-Deco piece weighing 20.27 grams and fashioned from both white and yellow 14k gold. It's focal point is the 18.30mm X 14.70mm natural cabochon amethyst at its center that we estimate to be 13 to 15cts. It's framed by 6 pink/peach cultured pearls and nearly .70cts of brilliant rose-cut diamonds. The artistic design and superb workmanship make this a pendant so eye-catching, it will set any woman apart as one who has great taste in jewelry. You can learn more about this pendant and see several more photos by visiting DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY.

If your wallet isn't deep enough to afford that pendant, but you love the older style, check out this fabulous 9ct. Edwardian pendant below: 

Delightful EDWARDIAN bow pendant with rubies & seed pearls  is available from DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at  RUBY LANE

The price is considerably less but again, the design is elegant and the pendant is vibrant with all those natural rubies and darling seed pearls. This delightful  pendant is 1 3/4" long by 1 1/4" wide and is permanently attached to its chain. With its pretty bow design, it's feminine and just begs to be in that special box wrapped up with a bow beneath your Christmas tree. Learn more about this RUBY & SEED PEARL PENDANT HERE. 

CLICK THIS LINK to bring up all the pendants available in our DIVINE FINDS SHOP at RUBY LANE and we have some more at CLEARANCE PRICES (for a limited time only) in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY CLEARANCE CENTER. In case you haven't thought about it yet, today is October 17th and it's only just a few days over 2 months till Christmas. The time to start shopping online is NOW if you want to get the bargains, or more importantly, get what you really want for someone you really love. 

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