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Saturday, July 16, 2011


In case you haven't yet noticed, we've changed the names of our shops and this blog. We are now DIVINE FINDS

Why the change? Well for one thing, our previous shop name was so long that I got tired of typing it into blogs, setting up links etc etc. Secondly, going by what our customers say time and again, we have such "divine finds" in jewelry that it just makes sense to re-name our shop and blog.

And along with those changes, comes our new logo on the left. How do you like it? We think it's divine!

And there's more change afoot: for over a year now we've maintained 2 shops ie. one at Ruby Lane and the other at Ruby Plaza. Sadly I'm finding the work load overwhelming carrying and promoting 2 shops, especially when I don't really have enough stock to populate 2 shops.

We couldn't resist opening a second shop at Ruby Plaza when we got the chance: the monthly fee was so incredibly low and we were allowed to offer a less restrictive range of jewelry ie. we could offer new, contemporary, reproduction jewelry and more in our Ruby Plaza shop. But we learned something about ourselves in the process: we really don't much like new and contemporary jewelry LOL! And, going by our sales from that shop, or should I say, lack of sales, neither do our customers.  So why flog a dead horse?

That year or so with our Ruby Plaza shop proved to us we were on the right track in the first place in the "divine finds" we were offering. Though pre-loved and pre-worn, customers want those pieces. So bit by bit, we'll be moving what stock we can out of the Ruby Plaza shop in the next couple of weeks and then closing that store. But before that happens, we do have a few items in there that we cannot sell on Ruby Lane because though they are estate pieces, they're less than 20 years old. So before they disappear from that Ruby Plaza shop altogether, we'd like to alert you to them. One is this fantastic platinum & ruby wedding ring set shown below:

Appraised over $13,500 CAD, it's already on sale at 1/3 its appraised value but we might even be open to offers on it.  This set is truly magnificent and very valuable. That's a 1.48ct ruby in the engagement ring and there's a total of 1.14cts of VS diamonds in both rings. It's a small size for that dainty slim finger but it can be re-sized a little if needed.  Why not try an offer today? 

There's also this amazing and authentic CHAUMET PARIS 18k white gold ring below that we are selling on consignment for one of our regular customers:

This customer just can't stop buying our divine finds but to help her finance her ongoing purchases from us, she's hoping one of you might like to have her ring which she bought less than 20 years ago. This ring is stamped and serial coded and weighs a whopping 11.85 grams. She's asking less than $1000 for it. It's a steal. We'd hate to return it to her unsold once we close our Ruby Plaza shop, so why don't you nip over and check it out HERE

There's a lot of designer vintage costume jewelry also available in that Ruby Plaza shop but it will be moved back into DIVINE FINDS at RUBY LANE. But other contemporary items we'll have to sell off or sell somewhere else are: 

We'd rather consider offers on these than send them to auction at eBay. So if you like them, please don't hesitate to make an offer. 

Before I go, I must point out one thing: We love Ruby Plaza. We think it's a wonderful place to have an online shop, especially if you have lots of stock of different kinds, including clothing, housewares, modern decor pieces and tons more. And it's so affordable to have a shop there: no other venue compares when you consider that right now till the end of 2012, you pay no monthly fee. And just recently they even waived the sign-up fee. Honestly, if you're looking for a great place to open an online shop where it'll cost you only your time and effort for at least another year, Ruby Plaza is it. I recommend it highly. These are the same people who have made Ruby Lane such a success story. The same will be true of Ruby Plaza in time. So give it a shot if you're thinking of selling online!

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