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Monday, June 13, 2011


Well the big DUPUIS AUCTION I mentioned in my last post is over and I didn't attend due to personal reasons. But I rushed over to their site this morning to see what prices were realized, and as usual, my jaw hit the floor on some of them. That gorgeoous hand painted portrait necklace in the previous post? How's $22,000 sound ... BEFORE the buyer's premium of 25%! The zinger of the day though had to be this brooch below:

1940's 6.22ct yellow diamond and emerald pin set in platinum and 18k sold for $260, 000 at Dupuis Auction, June 12, 2011. 

My goodness. Are you ready for this? The "hammer price" was $260, 000 CAD!
But then, this pin dates to the 1940's and the kicker is that yellow diamond in its center: it is a whopping 6.22cts. Then factor in the emeralds, along with the platinum and 18k mounting and well ... what can I say? Even Dupuis estimated it would fetch $60,000 - $80,000 CAD?! Some seller is smiling today!  If you want to see what else sold big and for how much, just go HERE.

So that said, I return to our comparatively humble and very affordable VIP sale which has only 3 days left in it, including today. Maybe our gorgeous natural yellow diamond ring below isn't as large as the Dupuis diamond, but it's just as beautiful and very worth the investment as yellow diamonds continue to demand and fetch high dollars.

Heavens! Just look at that ring! Glorious with another 0.60cts of diamonds set around that half carat yellow diamond.

Maybe you'd prefer this one below. It costs twice as much but I can just imagine what it would fetch at the Dupuis auction:

With over 2.73cts of diamonds, its appraisal is more than 2 times higher than the previous ring.

Of course, not everyone reading this blog is into expensive diamond rings. Depending on your pocketbook and taste, perhaps you'd like to save a further 15% off the asking price of only $395 on this lovely 14k gold amethyst pin:

Or if you're into designer costume jewelry, what about the outstanding necklace and earring set from Elsa Schiaparelli below. With VIP discount, it costs just a hair over $300 ... and that's down from the original price more than twice that!

You know, you can't go wrong with the prices we're asking for our items.  Even without special sales like this VIP SALE, we always give good value and service. But you can go wrong if you don't hurry over to our shop in the next 72 hours and save on those items you've been dreaming of for months now. Our next sale is many months away and what you want might be gone by then.  

First in, best dressed. What are you waiting for?!

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