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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Spinner Rings ... motion rings ... kinetic rings ... swinger rings ... whatever name you choose, these rings are awesome. And when they're made by the jewelry company that first ever designed and offered them for sale ie.. TEUFEL ... (as is the one above) they're more than just another ring.

The N. Teufel company began making these novel rings back in 1971. The one shown above is signed "N. Teufel" and dated 1975. A small family-owned operation, still very much alive today, Teufel jewelry is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for 5 years from the date of purchase. That tells you one thing about a Teuful (rhymes with "joyful"!) ring: they are of quality construction.

I find it mildly amusing that "Teufel" rhymes with "joyful" because honestly, that's what these wonderful rings are: joyful! When you first get one, apart from being wowed by the fascinating design and beautiful diamonds (in this case, there's 3/4cts of VVS - VS diamonds ... only the best!) you want to play. Yes, play! It's near impossible to stop watching how the 3 sections of the ring spin like tops with a flick of a finger or your wrist. I've tried to show this in the video below:

How do the rings do this? According to the Teufel website:

"We use a stainless steel center shaft for strenght and durability and stainless steel ball bearings. The rings are precision engineered with a counter balance to create a smooth, fluid movement."

So, all that said, how in demand are these rings and how expensive? Well if you do a search on Google or eBay or anywhere else you look for jewelry, you'll find 2 things: there's not a lot of Teufel Swinger Rings around ... at least not vintage! And one like ours, signed "N.Teufel" and dated 1975 (available in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE)  is rare indeed! Ours has just been appraised with an insurance replacement value over $5500 CAD!

I found another genuine, and very beautiful Teufel diamond ring at THIS EBAY LINK. It's stunning and has lots of diamonds but it's brand new, not a collectible like ours ... at least not yet. Way more expensive too. Alaska Jewelry is one of the authorized sellers of Teufel Swinger rings, but again, theirs is all brand new stock. A visit to that site however will show you just how much they cost new. All of which makes our very collectible vintage TEUFEL a bargain! Watch the video and slip over to our RUBY LANE SHOP to learn more about this rare beauty.... a joyful and authentic TEUFEL SWINGER, SPINNER RING!


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