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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Our VIP SALE at  RUBY LANE finished at midnight last night and we want to thank the  many customers who stopped in to look and buy. Some beautiful items will be leaving our shop at Ruby Lane. We know those buyers will be thrilled when they see what they purchased at considerable discount. But our CLEARANCE SALES continue daily at our  SHOP at RUBY PLAZA. So if you saw something in the RUBY LANE shop and suddenly can't find it anymore,  it might be sold, or it might have been relocated to the CLEARANCE CENTER.  We will be moving things around in both shops over the summer months. So be sure to check both shops whenever you feel like treating yourself to lovely jewelry at a great price. 

But talk about timing! If you live in Canada, you know what I mean: we're in the midst of a Canada-wide postal strike that started just after we started our VIP sale! We were lucky that most sales came in and were shipped in the first week while the postal workers were rotating the strikes in different cities. So most of the items are already on the way, or have been received by the buyers. Wish I could say the same for those who are sending payment by mail ... those will be held up for who knows how long. Ah ... the joys of shipping during postal strikes. Good thing we don't sell on eBay or we'd have buyers leaving us "bad marks" for slow shipping!

Honestly, I don't know why eBay has that policy. Vendors there seem to be so uptight about good feedback and worry more about shipping on time than giving accurate descriptions! I think the latter is of greater importance. And let's face it, once you deliver an item to the Post Office, how long it takes to reach a customer is beyond your control. We always ship within 24 - 48 hours from the time payment is completed but thanks to postal services on both sides of the border or around the world, few items get delivered in the time frame promised by the postal carriers. Silly!

Well anyway, after all that, I'm taking a little break but I wanted to share with you my latest jewelry video posted at YouTube which focuses on Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings, given we're into wedding season. The rings shown come from both our shops and offer both estate and new rings to prospective brides and grooms. Hope you enjoy watching and listening to the beautiful love ballad to which the video is set. It's an original acoustic performed by Victoria of AndrewVictoria.  And if you like, you can actually watch AndrewVictoria performing the song live on their own YouTube site HERE. Enjoy!

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