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Sunday, February 21, 2010


I've been looking over the stock in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE and realized we're almost overstocked in bangles ... if such a thing is possible. What I've also noticed is the diversity of bangles available. It's quite amazing how many different styles, metals, stones etc differentiate one bangle from another. Personally, I'm a bangle and bracelet person, more so than rings and maybe that's why I keep buying them for our shop, thinking others like them as much as I do. Am I wrong?

Well let me tell you ... and maybe tempt you ... with some of the gorgeous bangles we are currently carrying. That one at the top of this post is, undeniably, the most valuable, if not the most beautiful of all those we have. We just had it appraised in February, and to our delight, it came in at over $10,000. WOW! It's 14k and has 2.85cts of top quality diamonds, ranging from VVS baguettes to Si1 round cuts with superb color in all. The overall weight of the bangle is 25grams, but let's face it: that's all the technical details: if the beauty of the design itself doesn't speak to you, nothing will. This is just an outstanding piece of vintage jewelry being offered to you at 1/3 its appraised value. CLICK HERE to see more photos and learn more about it.

Alternately, maybe your taste in bangles goes well back in time, way before the dating on the bangle above, like to the early 1900's? In that case, take a look at this utterly charming Art Nouveau 14k gold bangle adorned with genuine angel skin coral cameos:

How pretty and dainty is that! The bangle is 1/4" wide and the coral cameos of the ladies' faces are 1/2" high. What's truly remarkable about this bangle is its condition: it looks nearly new and yet it's 100 years old. That's another WOW! 
Learn more about this one and see more photos at THIS LINK. 

While we're looking at really old bangles, here's a real beauty from the Art Deco period that has recently been appraised at $2850 and which we're again offering for about 1/3 of its appraised value:

This fabulous old bangle adorned with cultured pearls, sapphires and rubies, all set in 15 grams of 14k yellow gold, is for a smaller wrist i.e. 6.5.  This one is a designer piece, stamped JGJLRY. See more pictures & learn more HERE.

And since we're talking designers, how about this, our latest acquistion and addition to OUR RUBY LANE SHOP. We're really pleased and excited to be able to offer our shoppers this authenticated CARTIER set of bangle and brooch:

When you look at a set like this, it's almost hard to believe it's vintage: the look is contemporary and timeless. You can wear a set like this to the office during the day and out for cocktails or on a date in the evening and it'll never look out of place. This Cartier set is stamped 18k 925 Cartier on both the pin and the bangle. The 18k yellow gold is in those stripes you see. And adorning both pieces is a brilliant purple, trillion-cut amethyst. This set comes with the original beige/grey felt pouch with its satin ribbon stamped "Cartier" and the original red Cartier box, as shown below: 

So if you're into designer signed jewelry, and have always longed for a Cartier, slip over to THIS LINK and learn more about this one. It's affordable Cartier!

There are several more bangles in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE, along with some lovely diamond and other bracelets. And we have more arriving all the time. So be sure to check our shop regularly! Here's looking at Bangles!

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It's quite amazing how many different styles, metals, stones etc differentiate one bangle from another. They are most valuable and most beautiful jewelries.