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Friday, November 6, 2009


Have you been "jabbled" yet? That's the term I've coined to describe those addicted to locating jewelry by the highly regarded JABEL company. If you don't know about JABEL, it's an American company that began operating and manufacturing its exquisite die-struck jewelry back in 1916 and has earned a reputation for its superb quality and beautiful workmanship.

On the JABEL website, if you want to take the time to learn more about JABEL, you'll read that despite all the modern techniques available for manufacturing jewelry today, JABEL still hand-assembles, sets, polishes and finishes all its pieces. The company has not traded its integrity or attention to quality and detail for faster, cheaper methods. Nor do they farm out their work overseas. It's all made in the USA. The result, of course, is quality through and through.

But of course, such quality doesn't come cheap, and even second-hand or pre-loved Jabels are going to cost you a bit more, just because they're JABEL. But are they worth it? You bet! That's why my site stats are always showing people searching for Jabel jewelry: it's not easy to acquire vintage pieces because owners hold onto their Jabels.

Now all that said, I keep searching and have accumulated a lovely collection of Jabel rings. The one shown at the top of this post is one of our latest finds and definitely one of the most beautiful. While the carat weight of the diamonds is only just over 1/2 carat, what sets this Jabel ring apart is its design: I've not seen one quite like this! It's a cocktail or dinner ring with a design reminiscent of Art Deco. It has 9 top quality, brillliantly clear diamonds and typical of Jabel rings, is fashioned from 18k white gold. Isn't it gorgeous! You can see more photos or purchase this one from OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

Now while you're in our shop, if you like sapphire and diamond rings, take a look at the one on the left. It's a JABEL too!

It's simple, elegant and perfect for those who want understated quality on their fingers. Like the cocktail/dinner ring, it too is set in 18k white gold with 2 little diamonds nestled either side of that lovely central sapphire.

The price on this one is a little less than our cocktail ring, so if your budget is tight, maybe this is YOUR Jabel. Just click the photo on the left to see more pictures and purchase this sapphire/diamond ring.

Then there's the incredible JABEL wedding set shown below. What a knockout!

Dating to the 1950's and made, in this case, from 14k yellow gold, this darling set features a large, high-clarity central transitional-cut round brilliant cut diamond adorned on either side by more crystal clear single-cut diamonds. Soldered to the engagement ring is another ring - a glistening diamond band that is a near perfect match to the Jabel. You're looking here at diamonds of VS1 and VS2 quality. Again, the Jabel quality is second to none. Check out more details and photos by clicking on the photo above.

And we still have that fabulous Jabel eternity ring shown below that's appraised at over $5000 for the person who wears a size 6.5. This is definitely one of a kind. Your purchase of this 1.20cts of diamonds Jabel ring comes with the appraisal. Take a closer look by clicking on the photo below and be "jabbled!"