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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What is it about the Art Deco styling that so attracts buyers of today. After all, we're talking about the designs that were popular in the 30's and 40's. And yet, if there's one style or period of jewelry that sells well from our SHOP AT RUBY LANE, it's Art Deco. We just recently sold a superb art deco diamond bracelet to a gentleman in the Netherlands. He purchased it for his wife who is expecting twins in November. As he wrote to me, this gift is more than just about the dollars it has cost him ...the bracelet appraised for over $10,000 ... it's about buying jewelry that will be loved and cherished by his wife and their children as the years go by because of the significance it bears as a gift on this joyous occasion.

And yes, that's what the better pieces of jewelry are all about: something that is timeless, something that gains value both dollar-wise and as a family heirloom over the years. Perhaps that was why someone years ago purchased the gorgeous Hallmark Art Deco Watch we now have for sale in our Ruby Lane shop. This magnificent watch with its 21 jewel movement is still ticking away perfectly although it's a good 60 years or more old, thanks to its Incabloc movement which is guaranteed for a lifetime. This particular watch, is fully 14k gold and has over one carat of top quality diamonds, not just around the watch face but also throughout the entire band. It's in marvellous shape with a very secure clasp. But what I love best about it is its slightly ornate, totally art deco design. This is more than just a watch: it's a bracelet!

Sadly, we purchased this one for one of our customers. However, times have been rough economically as we all know and she's now not able to proceed with this purchase. So we've put it back in our shop. We've priced it by comparing it to others available online, at Ruby Lane, on eBay and elsewhere and feel it's very competitively priced. We hope you'll slip over and take a closer look at this glorious watch. We are receptive to offers and yes, you can put it on layaway.