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Thursday, July 9, 2009


One of the more affordable vintage designer pieces has always been Weiss. Over the past year, I've had some beautiful jewelry from Weiss and sold most of it very quickly, probably because it's so pretty and so inexpensive compared to Sherman, Schiaparelli and others I could name.

At this point, I have very little Weiss left. Shown above is one of them which I've just listed in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE at a ridiculously low price since I've decided to get out of costume jewelry altogether. Click on the photo to see more and read all about this one, which I'm giving away for only $59 + shipping. That pink color is gorgeous, and always popular whichever designer it comes from. So here's your chance to add a truly lovely Weiss necklace to your wardrobe at a truly reasonable price.

So while I have you, if you haven't read about it on my Sherman blog, as I said above, I'm liquidating my vintage costume jewelry stock, both signed and unsigned. My signed items include pieces by Sherman, Schiaparelli, Alice Caviness, Miriam Haskell, Kramer and more. Most are shown in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE and have been marked down already. But we're also running a true clearance sale on this stuff, in that we're giving you the chance to buy these pieces at our cost.

We're inviting you to MAKE AN OFFER on any vintage costume jewelry ... necklaces, bracelets, sets. IF YOUR OFFER MATCHES OR BETTERS WHAT WE PAID FOR THE PIECE, IT'S YOURS! You have nothing to lose. All you have to do is email us from the page of that item in our Ruby Lane shop and tell us what you'd like to pay for it. Make us an offer on this incredible Schiaparelli set shown below:

You might be surprised what you can get it for but you won't know if you don't MAKE AN OFFER! Or what about this lovely JULIANA bracelet set on the bottom left?

It has large amethyst colored cabochons and is in beautiful condition. Our price on this one is already only a few dollars above our cost, but if you match our cost, it's yours. MAKE AN OFFER!

There's also a lovely multi-colored JULIANA brooch that is the ants pants. Check it out here.

Or maybe you'd like the elegant set of Miriam Haskell beads shown below. We've listed them at our cost already so we can't take offers. But Miriam Haskell in superb condition for $135? Wow!

Well there's lots more. You'll just have to go over to our SHOP AT RUBY LANE and poke around. Don't be shy. MAKE AN OFFER. You won't insult us. And yes, there are still some Shermans left too!