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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've long been on the hunt for a JULIANA by Delizza & Elster that

a) is utterly unique
b) uses mulicolor stones
c) is affordable
d) makes a bold statement about the wearer

And ladies ( I presume you are the ones who read this blog?) I finally found one that does all those things. My only regret with this one ... for which I paid a small fortune even though I was hoping I wouldn't have to ... is that I don't have earrings to match it. I haven't listed in before now in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE because I was searching all over for earrings. I've not been able to find any, but if YOU do have a pair, please contact me i.e. leave a message in this blog with your email address. I would so love to turn this fantastic Juliana into a demi or better yet, a full paruree...but I doubt I could get that lucky.

This necklace is outstanding both in its design and its combination of colors. When studying Sherman jewelry, I once read that finding multi-color Shermans was hard but very desirable. The writer went on to say this doesn't apply just to Sherman. So when I saw this one, I didn't hold back. Click those photos so you can see more and larger views of this beauty.

It's 15" long and uses fuschia, red, olivine and clear stones in a dazzling arrangement that glitters like Christmas! It's a pretty heavy necklace, the kind you expect to see a woman wear to a gala affair where everyone is competing for attention with their sparkling jewels. That center section is over 7" long and drops to 1 1/2". And while the back does show the expected signs of some wear, all the stones are bright, clear, secure and original.

This Juliana necklace comes from the estate of a former model who wore incredible pieces on the runway. Her collection is worth over $150,000 or more. She has a lot of Juliana and has looked after her jewels very well. I've bought several pieces from her and have never received a piece that disappointed. But this one has got to be the "creme de la creme" for me. It also cost me more than all the others I bought from her. But it's worth it.

Why don't you slip over to OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE and read more about this one. You can double-click the photos and bring them up huge so you can see all the details. Maybe this is the necklace you've been looking for to complete your Juliana earrings or bracelet. If so, then let's talk!