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Monday, April 6, 2009


What is it about angel skin coral jewelry that makes it so desirable, not to mention, collectible? I was never much into it until I got my first piece, a very simple single row necklace. Its delicate colors struck me first, and the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Suddenly I was on a hunt and wow, what gorgeous pieces I've found.

Take that fabulous and RARE Edwardian bib drop necklace above. Now that's a real keeper. Fashioned from hundred of genuine angel skin coral beads ranging in size from 3mm to 7.5mm, this beautiful piece of antiquity weighs over 35 grams. And yet, it just feels light and lovely around your neck. Imagine the time it took to thread all those beads into what almost looks like a crocheted collar on a dress. And the color is divine: white with hints of pink blush. You can see more photos and purchase this rare necklace from OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

Here's a little bit of lore about coral:

It is said to protect children and in many countries is given as a gift to children. It has been used to protect against evil.

Coral is said to cure madness and give wisdom.

Black Coral is Hawaii's US State Gemstone

Coral jewelry has been created and worn since prehistoric times -- dating back to the Iron Age.

In ancient times, Coral was considered so valuable that it was used as a method of currency and trade by the Romans and the Egyptians.

Birthstone Months with Coral:

Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20): Blood Coral is the birthstone

Anniversary Gemstone

Coral is considered to be the anniversary gemstone for the 35th year of marriage.

From what I've seen as I've started looking into acquiring some coral pieces for our shop, prices can vary greatly but for the most part, it's not cheap. One of the sellers on Ruby Lane who appears to be the expert on all kinds of coral, averages $1600 - $1900 USD per necklace! I'm not sure why or how she does it, but I'd love to boast sales like that. She tells us that Italian coral, in particular that found in the Mediterranean sea, is the most valuable and most coveted coral you can find with its deep red color. Apparently the deeper in the sea the coral grows, the more solid the color due to the lack of light, be it red or white. Nonetheless, angel skin such as the one in the necklace above and the bracelet shown below, is still highly prized.

I'd have to agree. I had that bracelet above listed for only 2 hours before someone came into our SHOP AT RUBY LANE and bought it, along with the very old necklace you can see HERE. I can't say I'm surprised these sold so quickly: not only was my price on these an absolute steal, they are just so beautiful. I love the carving in that rose clasp, don't you?

I've got more coral pieces arriving in our shop soon. One is a single strand necklace with a delightful 2" carved pendant; the other is angel skin coral 14k gold bead spacers. You'll have to keep checking our shop if you want to scoop them up before someone does. Why not subscribe to our mailing list at Ruby Lane? That way, you'll be among the first to know when we've added new items, changed prices, are having a sale ... need I say more?