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Friday, February 6, 2009


Say, if you're speaking with Michelle Obama in the next little while, would you tell her that we have some beads that she'd just love in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE. Just kidding of course, but around the time of the presidential inauguration, all the ladies in our jewelry group were fixated on Michelle Obama's jewelry.

So I did a bit of a search for images of Michelle and discovered she seems to really favour bead sets. She likes her beads colorful and uses them well to set off monotone colored business suits or add that touch of femininity to a summer dress.

Now I know there are many women out there who will follow the jewelry stylings set by the first lady. I mean, it'd be great if Michelle stopped by our shop but I know that won't happen but you certainly can if you like beads too. And just look what we have on offer right now. Click on any of the photos to go directly to that item in our Ruby Lane shop & see more pictures and info.

Pictured above is a gorgeous Miriam Haskell 31" long set of faux pearl beads with cranberry cabochon accents. It's in superb, nearly showroom condition and weighs 50 - 60 grams. The famous Miriam Haskell signature appears on the hang tag and the set also bears a patent number so you can research its time period if you're into that. Michelle would love this elegant set of beads!

Then there's my latest addition to our bead line shown on the left. Wow ... is this one something else! This fabulous set of beads weighing over 80 grams is made of pale grey chalcedony, and accented by eight 10k gold spacers along with smaller 10k gold beads flanking each of the larger spacers. Talk about classy! Again, being a solid color like this, you can use this one to contrast a floral print or enhance a strong colored business suit. This is a set of beads that is never out of place, fitting for a first lady or anyone with great taste.

I can't remember if I've ever told you about the gorgeous Grande Parure by Bergere that we have in our shop HERE at an almost ridiculous price for such vintage quality and excellence. This stunning set, pictured center below, consists of necklace, earrings and matching bracelet and is made up of the most gorgeous color of aurora boralis glass beads. The beads twinkle delightfully, glowing with deeps reds and purples. This is one set that was terribly hard to photograph and as good as our pictures are, we've failed to capture the true beauty and radience of this set. Don't hesitate to buy. You won't be disappointed. Rather, you'll congratulate yourself on scoring such a good deal!

And finally, to finish up this blog on beads, I know that Michelle loves bright colors and what could be brighter than this very collectible set of stabilized coral beads shown on the right?

Aren't they fabulous? These are what's known as "new, old stock" because they were in a retired jeweler's shop when he shut his doors, still in their original box and unsold. What that means to you is that they are in marvellous condition. And that etched coral clasp is set in a sterling silver bezel marked 925. This triple set of beads is heavy, weighing over 135 grams but gee is it lovely. The color is brilliant. What a way to add life to a solid piece of clothing that could use a dash of color. You'll love it! So would Michelle. Does anyone know how I can contact her LOL!