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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Somehow I knew before I even added this incredible Greek Key Necklace to OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE that it would be sold before I even had a chance to talk about it here ... and I was right. One of our regular buyers who can't resist dropping into our online store almost daily spotted it 30 minutes after I'd posted it. This lady adores all diamond jewelry. I knew she'd want this one but I almost felt bad for her. You see, she's constantly buying our items and putting them on lay-by and promising herself this will be the last item until her layaways are cleared. And then, she'll just stop by to browse. I've told her to stay away so she's not tempted. But I knew she never had a hope of keeping that promise to herself when she saw this one ... and who can blame her?

What a marvellous piece of jewelry. It has over 135 VS -Si diamonds for a total of about .90cts. Weighing over 9 grams, it's finished in 14k white gold, and suspended from that brilliant diamond pendant are three 1.5" onyx dangles with triple diamond beads separating the pieces of onyx.

The necklace hangs to a finished length of just over 11". You can read all the details HERE and see more photos too. But one of the reasons I have made this necklace the focus of today's blog is that customer of mine who broke her promise not to buy anymore when she saw this piece. Here's how she explained her decision to buy:

"I thought about this a lot and this will be, definitely, the last one till everything is paid off. But this, to me, is like jewelry art. That's the way I think of my cornflower ring ... a one of a kind, exceptional piece that can be handed down to grand-daughters (and hopefully with 3 boys I will get at least one granddaughter). I think passed down jewelry from generation to generation is a wonderful legacy for a mom. And I believe this piece will become a family heirloom."

I don't think I could have said it better. My customer is right: every now and then you come across a unique piece of jewelry that is more than just another pretty piece of jewelry. It's so special you know you have to have it. Have you ever felt that way about a piece you've purchased? I'd love to hear about yours and I hope you'll leave your story in comments on this blog.

By the way, if you're curious about the "cornflower ring" my customer has mentioned above, it's the one shown on the left. Isn't it exquisite? Yes, our customer has superb taste and she knows she can always find something different and worth passing on to her children and grand-daughters in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

Why not drop by and see our many new additions. With Valentine's Day less than a month away, we have some gorgeous rings for you to choose for a loved one.