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Sunday, October 4, 2009


For our SHOP AT RUBY LANE, we go out of the way and spend many hours, days, weeks, searching for fine vintage jewelry that is out of the ordinary, because that's what we find our customers want. They aren't drawn to the contemporary, mass-produced, run-of-the-mill pieces you can find in the real world shopping centers or online. They want the unique, the one-offs, the pieces they won't see others wearing. And they know that most of the time, buying vintage, antique, or if you dare to call it what it really is i.e. "pre-worn", "pre-owned" and "pre-loved" is the only way to acquire jewelry that is really special and different. And if what has happened in our shop at Ruby Lane in the past 2 weeks is any indication, when they find that special piece, be it a ring, bracelet, necklace or set, they act fast. And so they should, because there's never more than one of any particular item.

Take that gorgeous multi-gem set shown at the top of this post. It's made from 18k yellow gold, and features a lovely blend of pearls, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds in 3 pieces: a necklace, earrings and ring. Do you know how hard it is to find a full parure like that in gold these days? No wonder this unique set had only been up on the site 3 hours when a lady came in to buy it. She was worried sick that someone else would beat her to it and that does happen a lot in our shop. More than once 2 people have been eyeing one of our new listings at the same time, and it becomes a case of "act fast or be last". I feel so bad when that happens, especially to some of our regular, repeat buyers who stop into our shop daily to make sure they don't miss something new. Sometimes, just taking a few hours to think it over is too long!

It was much the same with this magnificent aquamarine/diamond necklace shown below:

Even though I'd mentioned this piece in this blog a few weeks back, and some of my regulars had seen it, when it finally got listed, it sold too fast for some. But we did expect that to happen with this one because the necklace has such a gorgeous design and after all, contains the incredibly popular gemstone, aquamarine, accompanied by lots of glittering diamonds. We knew we had a very special necklace in this one so we had it appraised. It came in at over $2800 USD. I've seen similar, but never the same, being offered for twice that appraisal price, but our lucky, quick-acting buyer put it on layaway for just over half that appraised value. And sometimes, that's what you have to do if you really want something: ask if you can put it on layaway. If it means you can lock up a piece of jewelry for yourself before someone else buys it, then just ask. We are receptive to layaway on very easy terms in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

We have other fabulous & valuable necklaces in our shop in both 14k and 18k with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Many come with appraisals, as do our more valuable rings. With Christmas coming, now is the time to secure those pieces that will make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, like this incredible tension-set bangle and ring duo with 1.6 carats of super high quality diamonds and an appraisal of over $8000 shown below. Our jeweler wants to buy this one to sell in his shop but we want our customers to buy it. Layaway available. Check it out by clicking on the photo below. It's being offered at less than 1/3 its appraised price!

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