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Thursday, September 3, 2009


My latest love affair in gemstone jewelry is with AQUAMARINE. And, from what I'm seeing on the net and in the real world, I have lots of company! But boy, can it be expensive!

I've been raiding antique shows and agonizing at estate auctions trying to acquire affordable aquamarine jewelry and it's just not happening. Prices for necklaces, bracelets and rings, with that lovely blue/green stone that conjures up visions of paradise islands and sunny seas are sky high! I did manage to snag the aquamarine and diamond ring shown above, and now available in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE, but I paid plenty for it. I've listed it as low as I can for my visitors to be able to afford a piece of what is, without doubt, a highly collectible gemstone. Do take a look at it. It's gorgeous. It's currently being appraised and that appraisal will be added to the description of the ring at our shop. So be sure to bookmark the page if you're looking for aquamarine jewelry.

And I must tell you this: if you fancy some aquamarine jewelry, don't sit and think about it too long if you find a piece at a good price. I've found bracelets on ebay and elsewhere priced in the thousands. Some time back, I sold a magnificent aquamarine necklace in 14k for around $799 USD. I now realize I gave that one away! It should have been listed for twice that price. But that buyer was smart. She knew the value of aquamarine and made sure she got it before I smartened up LOL!

Just recently, I listed the gorgeous aquamarine/diamond tennis bracelet shown below in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE. It was gone within 3 days of listing it. I'm not surprised. Even at my asking price of $1095, it was a steal compared to what others are charging for similar pieces.

And what made that bracelet even better was the fact that it contained both diamonds and aquamarine ... about 14cts. of aquamarine and nearly 1/2 ct. of diamonds. So if you see another one like this somewhere and the price is good, grab it! Come to think of it, I have another similar one coming into our shop within the next month. It's a set, i.e. bracelet and earrings, and does have some diamonds. So be sure to check our shop often to see if it's been added. I'll make the price as reasonable as I can, just as I always do.

While I have you, shown below is a piece you won't want to miss if you are a serious collector of rare and beautiful pieces of Victorian jewelry with diamonds and ... aquamarine. This glorious necklace is currently at our appraiser's. But even when we dropped it off, the jeweler sighed, turned it over, looked at the construction and commented "they just don't make pieces like this anymore!". How true. This is one of the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry I've ever acquired and dare I say, it cost me a small fortune. Both my daughters just drooled over it. My husband was knocked out by both the quality and design. As for me, I don't think I'll worry if it doesn't sell as this is the kind of jewelry I'd be happy to keep in the family heirloom box. Of course, there's one problem with that: which one of my daughters will get it?! I don't want to think they'll be squabbling over this one ... but who could blame them if they did? Watch for it ... coming soon!

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