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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Why does coral jewelry continue to be so popular years after it first came into vogue? Is it because, as some suggest, that coral immediately brings to mind summer, sun and oceans? Is it because, as some cultures believe, that wearing coral is protection against evil spirits? Or maybe it's simply because the look of coral on bare skin, be it your neck or your wrist, is just irresistably attractive.

Whatever your reason for liking coral jewelry, I do know it's one of the more popular items in our shop at Ruby Lane. I've been acquiring pieces for the past few months and they never last very long before they're gone. We have 3 lovely necklaces still available in our shop. The delightful necklace shown on the right is 20" long and alternates smooth angel skin coral beads with genuine amethyst beads and gold-plated spacers. Apart from the beads themselves, it's the fabulous carved pendant that really catches your eye. It's 1 1/2" X 3/4", with a super pretty pink blush color. You can read more and see more photos by clicking HERE or on the photo itself.

Just added to our lineup in the last 24 hours is the outstanding and unusual necklace shown on the left. This one alternates between 8mm angel skin coral beads, 8mm opalescent rose quartz beads, and real 10k gold beads. What an unsual combination! The strands measure 15" and 17" long.

The quality workmanship in this necklace is one of its other attractive features: the beads are threaded onto rose colored silk which is knotted between each bead for added strength. Beaded jewelry is definitely making a comeback right now: the first lady of the US is fond of wearing them and maybe a lot of ladies out there are following her tastes. This is one that any lady, first or otherwise, would be happy to wear and add to her collection of angel skin coral jewelry. Click HERE or on the photo to see and learn more about this one.

We have one more yummy angel skin coral necklace in our shop

at this time that's a little less expensive than the other two but no less beautiful. In fact, the carved coral pendant on this one is one of the loveliest I've ever seen. The detail is superb and the colors of pink, blush and white playing against each other is so eye-catching. It's different from the other two in another way i.e it isn't heavy on beads. It's more like a necklace with its 1/20th 14k chain giving way to a small selection of various shaped beads leading to the pendant. There's really no good reason why this one is priced lower than the others but if price is important to you, and you'd like a piece of angel skin coral for your wardrobe, this is a good chance to get one at a very affordable price. Bear in mind that angel skin coral necklaces and jewelry often fetch prices in the high hundreds, even over $1000. So quite honestly, all three of the necklaces shown here are a good buy. Click HERE or the photo above to learn more about that one.

I'll have more coral for you to consider in the future, but that's it for now. Cheers!

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