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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


If there's one item we can't seem to keep on our shelves in OUR SHOP at RUBY LANE, it's those lovely Victorian bangles. These fly out the window almost as soon as we list them, sometimes even before I list them LOL! I had no idea they were this popular when I listed the first one I'd ever acquired and shown on the right. It was a fabulous buckle bangle from Bacon & Bates, over an inch wide, and featured both rose and yellow gold-fill. As soon as I listed it, several people added it to their wish lists and it was gone in a week, with others writing to request if the sale fell through to please let them know: they were kicking themselves for not acting sooner.

Well when customers ask me to find something for them, I'm happy to oblige. So the next one I got was the slim, beautifully engraved chased gold bangle on the left. In its own way, it was even more valuable than the one above as it was indeed an antique and made of actual 9ct. gold. The same buyer who purchased that stunner up top was smart enough to jump right in and snap this one up too. Honestly, I had no idea these were so collectible and popular.

By this time, one buyer had lost out twice ie.. she'd wanted both of those other bangles so I promised her that when the one shown on the right arrived, I'd send her some photos before I listed it so she'd have first chance at it. This one was another Bacon & Bates, not as wide as the first one but a good 1/2". This one wasn't a true buckle bangle either but she loved the design anyway and didn't hesitate to buy it with its lovely rose gold touches and gorgeous repousse work. Off it went to her without ever being listed.

The next buckle bangle I acquired was a fantastic find and a real collector's piece. It's the bangle shown below. It was made by "Bigney" and signed with the hallmark SOB. But what makes it

particularly valuable is that it's fully inscribed with lovely script from WP to HU and dated 8.27.34. Isn't that fantastic! If there's one thing I've found out in buying and selling vintage jewelry is that collectors jump on dated, signed pieces. Dare I tell you that this one has also already been spoken for? The same lady who got that 3rd bangle before it was listed has purchased this one too! Honestly, I never thought these bangles would be that popular. Of course, my prices are reasonable too and that makes a difference doesn't it.

So now what? Well I do have one new addition to the shop and again, as soon as it was listed, it got added to wish lists. This time, it's a 1/20th 12k bangle by WINARD that's in marvellous condition and if you're quick, you can buy it from OUR SHOP at RUBY LANE for only $125 USD

This is a very beautiful bangle, featuring black enamel engraving that is known as "Taille D'epargne". It has been suggested that this type of enamelling emerged in the 1930's in copy of a highly popular Edwardian design. This particular bangle has no dents or nicks, a tight clasp and a security chain, all original. You can't go wrong if you're in the market for one like this.

I have another combination waiting to be photographed that might be most appealing to someone who likes the idea of mother/child bangles. Both are buckle bangles in rolled gold, with the child's bangle showing animals in the engraving. It's delightful. I'll be selling these as a pair when they are ready to list. So stay tuned!


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