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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've been watching a lot of Sherman cuff bracelets lately on ebay and have done a double-take more than once on just how high a dollar buyers are prepared to spend on them. There's no doubt in my mind that right now that Sherman cuff bracelets are amongst the "hottest" vintage designer pieces you should add to your collection if you can afford one.

This was driven home even more when I watched the auction for the outstanding signed Cartier bracelet shown in the photo above. Talk about a collector's piece of jewelry! It's authentic vintage, with real AAA quality pearls measuring approximately 7.5mm each. That fantastic Cartier clasp is not only stamped 18k gold, but it comes with a patent number. And it has an interesting history too ie. it was purchased from an actress' estate in Florida. The actress' son said it was custom-designed for his mother in the 1970's. Finally, it has a retail value of over $12,000! What I'd give to be able to afford this one!

Well you can imagine my shock when on the same day that this auction ended, so did the auction for the Sherman cuff bracelet below:

Now, for sure, this is yet another magnificent cuff bracelet set by Sherman and came in a nice color combination of champagne, amber and blue stones. It was in superb condition with no stones missing and all original...definitely a top buy for a Sherman collector. But if you check back through my Sherman blog, you'll notice several cuff bracelets similar to this one. So the design isn't all that unique, unlike the custom-designed Cartier above with real gold, real pearls and an interesting history.

Well, what do you think: which one fetched the bigger dollar? For me, it was a bit like what happened last night on American Idol: the Sherman sold for nearly $400 more than the Cartier! Incredible. The Sherman sold for $1631.96 USD. The Cartier sold for $1227.00. Whatever has happened to the value of real pearls and 18k gold over the years to make them so much less valuable to buyers than those fabulous fake stones in vintage costume jewelry? Our husbands will probably never understand this: as I've mentioned before in my blogs, as much as he admires the workmanship and beauty of designer costume jewelry, in his books they'll never compare to real gold, real diamonds and real gemstones. When I see outcomes like this, I tend to agree with him. But then, I was rooting for Adam, the real superstar on Idol last night. So what do I know about people's tastes LOL!

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